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When it comes to Deadliest Catch, you will agree that Jake Anderson is among those characters who cannot go unnoticed.  Whether you consider him a top man on the show or if you are just curious to know about his life, both personal and professional, this is the article for you.

Not only does it give you a precise figure of Jake Anderson’s net worth but it also touches on the star’s career path. Get to also learn about Jake Anderson’s age, wife as well as children in the article but before this, let’s take a quick look into the star’s biography.

Wiki, bio

Although he is popularly identified as Jake Anderson, his official name is Jakob Venn Martin Anderson. American by nationality and categorizing in the white ethnicity, the gentleman is only 38 years as of 2018. Particularly, he was born on the 16th day of September 1980 in Anacortes earthed in Washington in the United States of America. The man weighs an estimated 79 kilograms and stands on a height of 1.80 meters which is an equivalent of 6 feet.

Image of Jake Anderson height is 6 feet

Jake Anderson height is 6 feet

There are no details about his early childhood life, and this includes his educational background. As for his family, he was born to the late Keith Anderson and brought up alongside his sister Chelsea Dawn Anderson. He admits that growing up; his family members were his most significant role models in matters fishing. However, he lost his father as well as his sister, and this made his life one living hell. His sister was pronounced dead in 2009 during the 5th season of bitter tears, and the cause of death was pneumonia. During this time, the stars father was already missing, and a year later, notably in season six of Blown Off Course, the celebrity learned of his father’s death.

In an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, the man does not deny that he after the demise of his two beloved family member, he found solace in alcohol. His alcohol addiction left him homeless for nearly two years, but he is on the road to full recovery. More details are in Jake Anderson’s Autobiography.

Career and early life

The star’s career in fishing is not something that he learned in an educational institution but a passion he nurtured from a tender age. He not only lived in a fishing town but was surrounded by a team of great fishermen. His Uncle Brian Mavar to be precise took him to the sea while he was still a young boy. By the time he was aged 17 years old, he was already fishing Salmon off Bristol Bay located in Alaska. After three years, the young gentleman was on a trawler processor, and he shifted to pot fishing while he was 25 years old.

Let’s say that professionally, Jake Anderson began his career at the age of 26. He worked as a greenhorn for the F/V Northwestern. As a result of his hard work and personality, he was promoted from being a greenhorn to being a full share deckhand and later to be a relief deck boss under the watch of Captain Sig Hansen. His first appearance as a cast of the Deadliest Catch series was on May 15th, 2007 during the third season of the episode the New Beginnings.

The loss of his beloved ones tremendously affected his career, but he was able to get back on his feet again. In 2013, he decided to leave the Northwestern for the role of captain for the Kiska Sea.

In spite of his efforts while at Kiska Sea, the crew their treated him with disrespect which he could not stand. He, therefore, decided to return to Northwestern, and although he was consumed back into the Northwestern crew, he was denoted to the position of the bottom rung on the deck. This did not only leave the star in shock, but the action stabled his confidence.

Last year (2017) however, his career saw some vast milestone. Influencing this is the fact the man for the very first was able to accomplish his long-desired goal of captaining a boat.

Jake Anderson’s net worth

Even though he has had the sour taste of his career, the captain has amassed a lot of wealth as well as fame. Let’s stick with his wealth. Due to his career, Jake Anderson’s net worth as of 2018 is an estimated $1.8 million. His income is a mystery.

Although a significant portion of Jake Anderson’s net worth emanates from his fishing career, a piece also comes from his Autobiography The Replace which he released on 29th April 2014, and it ranked among best seller books.

Image of TV Personality, Jake Anderson net worth is $1.8 million

TV Personality, Jake Anderson net worth is $1.8 million

Meet his wife. Meet his children.

Jake Anderson’s wife is  Jenna Patterson. They exchanged vows on 12th March 2012. The exact date of the proposal is a mystery, but it took place at Waimea Canyon in the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai. They dated for three years.

Together they are living happily in their home rooted in Seattle. Jake Anderson’s wife has been successful in blessing his wife with two children both of the male gender. They welcomed baby number one, Adien Ben Arthur Anderson on January 2015.

Two years down the line, the couple again welcomed baby number two on 13th June 2017. The little princess identifies as Cadence Anderson. Hopefully, their marriage life remains as happy and free from any negative energy as it is currently.

Image of Jake Anderson with his son Cadence Anderson

Jake Anderson with his son Cadence Anderson


Popularly known as Jake Anderson, Jakob Venn Martin Anderson is a boat captain and a reality TV star. He is famous for his appearance on Deadliest Catch series. Besides his career, the man is a husband to Jenna Patterson and together, they have two children.

Quick facts about Jake Anderson

Name Jakob Venn Martin Anderson
Age 38
Birthdate 16. 09.1980
Birthplace Anacortes, Washington, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Keith Anderson
Sister Chelsea Dawn Anderson
Wife Jenna Patterson
Children 2
Career TV star, boat captain, fisherman
Net Worth $1.8 million
Weight 79kgs
Height 6 feet

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