Is Tom Steyer Married? Know his Wife, Net Worth and Bio

The Trump government which is currently running the country is finally coming under actionable fire after all of the things they’ve done. As the impeachment is in process for Donal Trump and his presidency, the Democrats have a golden opportunity to hit back at their opposition. Let us not forget a man without whom all of this would have been impossible, Tom Steyer.

Learn not just Tom Steyer’s bio but also his net worth, married life, and children among many wiki facts.

Who is Tom Steyer?

Tom Steyer is the 62-year-old American billionaire who is also a candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries. He is an active philanthropist and is famous for his environmentalism and liberal activism.

Tom is the founder of Farallon Capital but has retired from the investment firm since 2012. He and his wife have taken a Giving Pledge in 2010 and are keeping on it. Steyer launched NextGen America, a non-profit organization concerning itself with the environment, social justice, education, and healthcare.

He was the first Democrat to launch the Need to Impeach rally against Trump; he even rallied among millions of peoples himself.

Tom Steyer net worth and Earnings

Tom Steyer is one of the wealthiest Democrats. Most of his earnings come from the investment firm, which he found in the 80s, Farallon Capital.

Steyer’s total net worth is $1.6 billion, which he amassed during his time in Farallon Capital. He has left Farallon Capital since 2012, and his current source of income is unknown. But he has been active in politics and philanthropy.

Image of American philanthropist, Tom Steyerpro

American philanthropist, Tom Steyerpro

Tom and his wife have founded OneRoof, Inc., a social enterprise business designed to bring broadband connectivity, computer literacy, and employment skills with their company to rural areas in India and Mexico. OneRoof isn’t a non-profit organization, so this is most likely one of their sources of income.

In 2007 Tom and his wife found Beneficial State Bank, a community development bank, and this also contributes to their income.

All in all, Tom was a billionaire when he left Farallon Capital, so the income he has does not contribute to his net worth as much as the money he amassed while in Farallon.

Is Tom Steyer Married? meet his wife Kat Taylor and Children

Yup, Tom’s wife’s name is Kat Taylor, and they have in wedlock since August 1986.  Tom and kat have four children together, Samuel Taylor, Charles Augustus, Evelyn Hoover, and Henry Hume.  Samuel is the only girl, and the rest are boys.

Image of Tom Steyer with his wife Kat Taylor

Tom Steyer with his wife Kat Taylor

Tom and his wife Kat took a Giving Pledge back in 2010. The pledge urges peoples to donate at least half of their wealth to charitable causes during their lifetime. The family of five is living happily as the childrens have grown up to independent of their billionaire parents. The childrens are currently putting in the effort to help their father for the candidacy of the 2020 presidential election.

Tom Steyer’s Wife, Kat Taylor Wiki, Bio

Kat Taylor, real name Kathryn Ann Taylor, is the only wife of Tom Steyer. They have been together since 1986. She is an American Philanthropist and co-founder of the Beneficial State Bank, a community development financial institution. Kat is also the founding director of the Tomkat Ranch Education Foundation(TKREF).

Kat attended Harvard University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts and American history in 1980. She later joined Standford Graduate School of Business where she mastered in Business Administration.

Image of Tom Steyer with his wife Kat and with their kids Samuel Taylor, Charles Augustus (Gus), Evelyn Hoover (Evi) and Henry Hume.

Tom Steyer with his wife Kat and with their kids Samuel Taylor, Charles Augustus (Gus), Evelyn Hoover (Evi) and Henry Hume.

Kat has four kids with Tom Steyer.

Kat started her career as a director of the KQBED Board position, which she held for six years till 2003 since 1987. She then became a director of the Insight Prison Project board until 2014, since 2004. She is currently a board member of Ecotrust since 2012 and community development bankers association since 2013.

Tom Steyer Wiki, Bio

Tom Steyer was born on June 27, 1957, and is currently 62 years of age. His birth name was Thomas Fahr Steyer.  Tom was born in Manhattan to mother Marnie and Roy Henry Steyer. He has two brothers Hume Steyer and Jim Steyer. His brother Hume is an attorney in new york, and Jim is attorney, author, and Stanford university professor.

Young Steyer attended Buckley school and Philips Exeter Academy, living in the Upper East Side. Tom graduated from Yale Univerity summa cum laude in economics and political science. He later got his Masters in Business Administration from Stanford Business School, where he met his wife, Kat Taylor.

Tom Steyer, along with his wife and children, has been living in San Francisco, California, since he and Kat got married.

Steyer started his career right out of undergraduate school. He started working at Morgan and Stanley in 1979, but after some time, he joined masters at Stanford. After completing his masters, he started working in Goldman Sachs in 1983. Tom later became a partner in a private equity firm, Hellman and Friedman, based on San Francisco.

After getting some experience, in 1986, he opened his investment firm Farallon Capital and his career just took off. In the 26 years, he was with Farallon; he made a lot of money. Later in 2012, he sold his shares in Farallon to focus on politics and Environment.

Tom has signed the Giving Pledge and plans to donate much of his wealth in his lifetime. He is an active philanthropist and environmentalist.

In 2018, Tom received two suspicious packages from the convicted bomber  Cesar Sayoc.

Fast facts

  • Tom Steyer is worth $1.6 billion.
  • Tom Steyer has signed the Giving Pledge along with his wife, Kat Taylor.
  • He sold his shares on Farallon Capital to be more active in politics and environmentalism.
  • Steyer is a passionate advocate of clean energy and the founder of the environmental group NextGen Climate.
  • Tom and his wife have donated millions of dollars to research clean energy.
  • He has fought against oil companies and Tobacco companies as an active environmentalist and won.
  • Rom received many awards like the Phillip Burton Public Service Award (2011), the Environmental Leadership Award(2012), the Environmental Achievement Award (2013), the Land Conservation Award (2015), etc.

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