Is Margie Cooper Married? Know About Her Husband, Net Worth, Age, DOB, Wiki, Bio

Margie Cooper is better known as a British antique professional and a TV personality. The antique expert has been featured in many TV shows alongside her counterpart Catherine Southon. Her appearance in the antique Roadshow gave her a breakthrough in her acting career. Also, Margie Cooper has appeared in several shows on BBC channel. Keep reading to find out more about her DOB, net worth, wiki, bio, career, etc.

Margie Cooper wiki bio

Margie Cooper was born in Lancashire, United Kingdom. Information about her DOB is unavailable on the internet. Margie likes to keep her life private. However, she has been in the antique business for many years. The antique expert has been on the TV screen since 1985. Thus, people assume that she could be at least 60 years of age.

Margie attended Queen Mary School but later transferred to Lytham St. Annes. Little is known about her parents and early life.

Is Margie Cooper married? Husband, Children

Ever wondered whether the antique expert is married or single? Well, Margie Cooper is a married woman. She is married to Mick. The two dated for a very long time before getting married. There is no much information online regarding her husband. The couple has been together for many years. The couple is blessed with two children.

Similar to her husband, little is known about Cooper’s children. She once posted on her Facebook page that she loves her husband Mick and her two adorable kids. Also, she mentioned that they have many grandchildren.

Margie Cooper Net Worth in 2018

There is no doubt that Margie Cooper is a rich woman. The TV personality has enjoyed a great success not only as an antique expert but also as a television personality. While we can’t guess the exact amount of money she has often been paid for her appearance on the TV show, she must have been raking in something significant.

The antique expert likes to keep her life private. In other words, she is a very secretive person and has kept most of her details away from the public. That’s why not much is known about her net worth. Even so, according to some sources on the internet, Margie Cooper net worth could be around $1.5 million.

It is worth noting that this net worth is just a rough estimate. The TV personality is yet to confirm information. Margie net worth could be around that figure.

Image of Margie Cooper star Antique Roadshow net worth which is $1.5 million

Margie Cooper star Antique Roadshow net worth is $1.5 million

Margie Cooper Age, DOB, Career, Antique Roadshow

As aforesaid, Margie Cooper prefers to keep her life private. Little is known about her age, DOB, net worth, husband and children. Hence, we cannot tell exactly how old is she. However, given the time she is been on our screens, she must be someone in her late 60s.

About her career, Margie Cooper developed an interest in antique stuff at a young age. In fact, she grew up around people who were fascinated by antiques. Her grandmother was involved with antiques. In fact, she was the one who inspired her.

She became very passionate about antiques. The TV personality launched her first antique shop in the 1980s. Ever since then she has become very successful in the business. She has written many articles about antiques. Some of her writing work has been featured in popular magazines. Today, Margie Cooper is recognized in the United States and all over the world as an antique expert.

She joined the BBC antique Roadshow in 1985. The show, Antique Roadshow has gained a lot of popularity not only in Britain but also in the United States.  The antique master is still in the show as of the writing of this article.

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