Internet sensation Nash Grier’s girlfriend. Find all about the star’s dating history and family

Born in North Carolina in 1997, Nash Grier is one of YouTube’s most popular vloggers. His life has been a subject of interest for many teenagers ever since he started his career. The 19 years old star first made himself noticed in 2013 when he started making vines. Then, Grier started vlogging on YouTube and other social media platforms. He’s a good friend of famous YouTuber and viner Cameron Dallas, with whom he has collaborated since the early days of Vine. Together, they starred in Fullscreen‘s The Outfield‘. Grier’s popularity gave him the chance to also appear on several TV shows, such as ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘The View’. The star has a huge number of devoted fans. His fans also take a particular interest in the star’s love life. Although Grier doesn’t talk too often about his dating history or ex-girlfriends, there certainly are a few worth talking about.

Nash’s recent dating ventures and current girlfriend

Although Nash is one busy teenager, creating content constantly, he still has time for dating. However, he was never very open to the public about his dating and girlfriends. His fans, though, have a trained eye for such things. Therefore, there are a few rumors out there about some of Grier’s past girlfriends.

One of Nash’s supposed ex-girlfriends is famous reality TV personality, Kylie Jenner. She and Nash used to hang out a lot a while back. This, of course, had everyone thinking that Kylie and Nash were dating. However, none of them ever confirmed this. One of Kylie’s best friends, Anastasia Karanikolaou, was also very close to Nash. They have been dating for a while, apparently. The two also interacted on Instagram, and their fans immediately supposed that Anastasia was Grier’s girlfriend. At one point, Grier and viner Princess Lauren were very close, appearing together in several vines. They seemed very close and hung out frequently. Thus, the rumor about them dating appeared. Despite that, Lauren stated clearly that she and Nash were just very good friends.

Nash Grier with Kylie Jenner and Princess Lauren

Caption: Nash Grier with Kylie Jenner and Princess Lauren

Last year, Nash shocked his fans when he revealed he was in a relationship with Taylor Giavasis. Taylor had been the young star’s girlfriend for one year, at the time. The young YouTuber made a heartfelt post on Instagram, explaining how Taylor made him change his opinion about dating and relationships. Taylor is still his girlfriend in 2017, and there has even been a rumor about the two getting engaged after Taylor posted a photo of a ring. After seeing that her followers were freaking out about an engagement, she made it clear that the ring was a gift from her mother.

Nash Grier with girlfriend Taylor Giavasis

Caption: Nash Grier with Taylor Giavasis

Nash’s feud with Ariel Wintern

A while back, Grier made a vine that got him in a bit of trouble. In the video, he ridiculed an HIV awareness ad, using a homophobic slur. Modern Family‘ star Ariel Winter made a post on Twitter in which she said that her favorite Nash video was the one in which he was ‘super homophobic and ignorant’. She said that his video was hurtful and irresponsible, considering the number of young fans that look up to him. When Nash offered to talk to her and explain, Ariel refused, saying “lol I’m good”. Later, he apologized for his offensive video, saying that he had no idea how hurtful it was to some people. He also deleted the vine, but it was reuploaded by someone else and can easily be found online.

Short bio

The guy’s full name is Hamilton Nash Grier. He was born in 1997 to the family of Elizabeth Floyd and Chad Grier. He has two brothers, Will and Hayes, and a younger sister named Skylynn. Nash was in his first year at Davidson Day School when he started making vines. At the age of 16, he moved to LA with Cameron Dallas, where they lived for nine months. In 2015, Nash and Cameron starred in ‘The Outfield’. While his clips seem spontaneous, the YouTube sensation said that he actually puts a lot of effort into filming and editing. His channel now has more than 4.8 million subscribers, and Grier is set to star alongside Bella Thorne in You Get Me. Nash and his crew will be touring Australia and New Zealand this year.


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