Hottest Andrea Bock still hooked up with Ty Pennington: Any marriage plans? What about Her Boyfriend and dating history?

Andrea Bock is one of America’s most successful women. Despite that, she lives a rather low-key life, appearing in public mostly by her boyfriend’s side. She has become known mainly because of her relationship with Ty Pennington. Experienced in business, Andrea worked as a manager in the media world. They’ve known each other way before Tygert got into media. Later, Andrea became his manager. Ty is best known for hosting ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’. A big part of his success is owed to Andrea Bock, who was always behind the scenes, helping Ty during his difficult times.

Although she is a successful American diva, Andrea Bock is a very humble person, and there is not much information about her past.

Any marriage plans?

Ty and Andrea have a relationship that we’re sure most of us wish for. They have been friends for many years before they got into a relationship. In a 2008 interview, they stated that they were in a relationship for eleven years. That would make 2017 their 20th year together. Naturally, you might ask ‘how about marriage?’. Ty and Andrea said that they do not plan to get married anytime soon. They consider themselves to be a great team and have said that they do not need documents to confirm their love for each other.

Dating and boyfriend History

As we said earlier, there is not much information about Andrea Bock’s past. She has been dating Ty Pennington for 20 years now and their relationship seems to go on strongly. There has been a period in which their relationship was not so strong, though. There have been rumors that Ty was cheating on Andrea with a stripper. During that time, Pennington was also arrested for driving under influence. Andrea and Pennington broke up then but, not long after, they got back together.

andrea bock and ty pennington together

Andrea Bock and Ty Pennington together

Andrea Bock and Ty Pennington are currently living together and having a great time in Venice Beach, California. They do not have any children at the moment. Nevertheless, they still love each other and stand by their decision to not get married… yet.

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