Hot Political Commentator Kayleigh McEnany still has a Boyfriend or Already Married to her Husband?

Kayleigh McEnany is a well-known political commentator as well as a writer. She is currently working as a contributor on CNN. Kayleigh’s professional career as a political commentator only started a few years ago. You cannot really say that she has been in the game for a long time. After all, she is only 29 years old. However, her interest in politics started way back when she was still in high school. In the year 2004, she volunteered her services to the Bush/Cheney campaign. She also worked as a producer on ‘Mike Huckabee Show’ for three years after which she became a co-host on CNN’s The Point.

Kayleigh has also made appearances on ‘America Live with Megyn Kelly’, ‘Fox News’ Red Eye, ‘Varney & Co., and The real story with Gretchen Carlson. As far as writing is concerned, she has written for The daily, Breitbart, and Daily Caller publications.

Kayleigh McEnany interview in "America Live with Megyn Kelly"

Kayleigh McEnany interview in “America Live with Megyn Kelly”

Source: Media Matters

Perhaps I should also mention that she is a staunch trump supporter.

Kayleigh McEnany Married or Engaged or Single?

You cannot deny the fact that Kayleigh is a very beautiful young lady. So who is the lucky guy? Is she single, engaged or married? If married, who is her husband? I am sure these are some of the questions running through your mind. She is not married and neither is she single. She is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Sean Gilmartin. They are also planning to wed at the end of 2017.

Kayleigh McEnany with her longtime boyfriend Sean Gilmartin(soon to be husband)

Caption: Kayleigh McEnany with her longtime boyfriend Sean Gilmartin

Source: Twitter

Kayleigh Boyfriend Info:

Before Sean, we do not have any record of any other previous boyfriend or affairs. Let’s talk about Sean Gilmartin. Who is he? Sean is an American professional baseball player. He plays for Measure League Baseball for the team ‘New York Mets’. Sean truly loves Kayleigh seeing he already proposed and also planning to have a proper wedding very soon.

Kayleigh McEnany being proposed by her soon to be husband Sean Gilmartin

Kayleigh McEnany being proposed by her soon to be husband Sean Gilmartin

Source: Twitter

Her Net worth

What is Kayleigh McEnany’s net worth? She earns up to several million dollars annually. Considering that her only source of income is journalism, she must be earning quite a handsome salary.

Short Bio

Kayleigh was born on 18 April 1988 in Tampa, Florida. She attended Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and acquired a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS) in International Politics. McEnany also studied at the University Of Miami School Of Law before transferring to Harvard Law School where she acquired a Juris Doctoral Degree in May 2016.

She does not have any children yet. In her early 20’s she made a discovery that she has the breast cancer gene. She thus underwent Preventive Mastectomy whereby she had implants put in place.



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