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Journalists make for very interesting character studies. Their lives are riddled with adventure, especially if they have the luxury of traveling to far and exotic places in search of new stories. Heidi Przybyla is a journalist and the focus of our article today.

We will try to examine various aspects of her life and bio in order to get a better understanding of the woman. This entails looking at her age, net worth, and husband. Who is her husband?

Details about Heidi Przybyla’s married life with her husband and children. Also check out Heidi Przybyla’s net worth, bio, and family.

Who is Heidi Przybyla? Her Career Info

Heidi Przybyla is an American journalist. Her career in journalism started way back in 1997 when she was brought on as a correspondent working for the Washington Business Journal. Starting is never easy, as Heidi had to work hard to polish her journalism skills and build her reputation.

This was a role which she excelled at, and it saw her eventually make a move to Bloomberg. This was a huge step up in the right direction as the media house was renowned. She became the official correspondent for the White House. 2005 would see her role bumped up to Senior Political Reporter.

Around the same time, she was also asked to host popular television shows like With All Due Respect. She got to work with renowned television personalities like John Heilemann and Mark Halperin from time to time.

Image of Heidi Przbyla from TV show, With All Due Respect

Heidi Przybyla from TV show, With All Due Respect

Her time at Bloomberg came to an end in 2015, after 16 years of great service. Heidi would make a move to USA Today National. She was brought on to work as the Senior Political Correspondent and Expert. The journalist’s long-standing career would also see her work with MSNBC as one of their chief political analyst, as well as NBC News, where to date; she is still one of the main National Political Reporters.

The journalist, like most of her peers, is also a social media personality. Heidi has amassed quite the impressive number of followers on her various social media accounts. She has 100K followers just on Instagram alone, 4K followers on Facebook, and about 27K followers on Twitter. Her impressive following means that she has a very large audience to voice her opinions too. Most recently, she came under fire for criticizing Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America.

Heidi Przybyla Net Worth, Salary, and Sources of Income

Journalism, as we have previously alluded to on several occasions, can be a very lucrative venture. This is especially true if you are working for a renowned network which pays well.

Reputation also factors in when it comes to large salaries. More often than not, respected and veteran journalists with a lot of experience tend to command hefty wages. Reports suggest that a journalist can earn a salary of between $79,980 and $83,894 on average.

With that said, it is estimated that Heidi Przybyla has a net worth of $1 million.

Image of Journalist, Heidi Przbyla net worth is $1 million

Journalist, Heidi Przybyla net worth is $1 million

This, in all likelihood, comes from her 16 highly successful years in the world of journalism. Heidi is at the height of her profession, and as such, she commands relatively high wages. This would explain her significant wealth. Working across various networks helped lay the foundation of her net worth, and Heidi has only gone from strength to strength since then.

Being a journalist has also seen Heidi lend her writing skills to several columns and blogs alike. As a writer, she is also fairly compensated for her work.

Who is Heidi Przybyla Married to? Who is her Husband?

The dynamic and beautiful journalist is a married woman. She has talked about her husband a few times on her social media posts, and their loving relationship. Unfortunately, she has kept his name and their relationship for that matter, private. This is ironical, considering that she is a journalist who continually hungers for information as well.

But she prefers to stay away from the spotlight, and rather shine it on others. She is a woman who likes to keep her private life to herself, and instead highlight her professional ventures. We were also not able to confirm whether Heidi and her husband have children or not.

But we will keep you apprised if anything changes, and we find out who the mystery man is. For now, we will have to contend with the knowledge that she is married.

Heidi Przybyla Age, Wiki-Bio, Family, Facts

Full name Heidi Marie Przybyla
Age 45 years old
Date of Birth November 18th, 1973
Place of Birth Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Profession Journalist, Social Media Personality, Political Analyst and Correspondent
Net worth $ 1 million
Husband Unknown
Kids Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Parents Unknown

Heidi Marie Przybyla was born on the 18th of November, 1973 in Alexandria, Virginia. This makes the journalist 45 years old at the moment. It is not disclosed anything on her parents and early childhood, as Heidi likes to keep her cards very much close to herself.

We can only assume at this point, and as such, speculate that she must have been a bright and hardworking child, judging by the woman she has grown into. We were, however, able to determine where she went to school and therefore, map her educational background.

For her college education, Heidi would go on to study at the University of Michigan, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in German and International Relations. Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany would then come calling, and she would stay on for an exchange program between 1993 and 1994.

Heidi’s expansive educational background would see her work at quite a number of stations, as she was fairly in demand. She was and still is a prominent political correspondent. Most recently, she came into the limelight for taking on the president on Twitter. She was not afraid to openly criticize him, despite the backlash she knew she would face.


Meet renowned journalist, Heidi Marie Przybyla. Take a look at her impressive career. Learn her net worth. Get a look at her bio.

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