Have George Jung and his daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung made up? A short wiki on Kristina Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung, the daughter of the drug lord George Jung, has had a strained relationship with her father in the past. Have they made up yet? Is it true she made up with her father? Get all this info and more – like what is she doing now and what is her net worth in 2018 below.

Kristina Jung is estranged from father George Jung

Kristina Jung had a foul relationship with her father George Jung before his capture. Kristina’s parents, George and Mirtha Jung, separated when she just six years old. She never had a chance to know him as she lived separated from her father.

Kristina, who is turning 40 years of age in 2018, and George Jung reconciled with her father. It has been reported that she visited her father a few times in 2002 while he was in prison. Their good relationship status today is pretty clear from the Instagram photos, which portray a smiling Kristina and her father on different occasions.

George Jung(left)Kristina Sunshine Jung(right)

Kristina and her father have together opened up Boston George Apparel and Merchandise.

Kristina Sunshine Jung: A short bio and net worth in 2018

Kristina celebrates her birthday on 1st August. Born to  Mirtha Jung and George Jung also known as Boston George and Al Americano. Her father was a former primary member of the Medellin Cartel, and her mother was a drug addict.

Kristina has starred in the 2001 movie “Blow”; which was about her father’s life in medication. Her scene has been cut from the film, but can be found in the DVD extras.

Kristina Sunshine Jung

The movie “Blow” depicts the life and the lifetime George Jung (performed by Johnny Depp) and his daughter Kristina, and his position in one of the infamous drug wars in historical past.

Kristina Jung currently lives in California with her husband, Romain Karan and her daughter Athena Romina Karan.

Kristina has turned into an energetic entrepreneur, and she is busy promoting BG apparel and merchandise tirelessly. Kristina Sunshine Jung has a net worth of $150,000 in 2018.

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