Is Genevieve Gorder Married? Know her Husband, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Children, Wiki

The interior looks of a house or office is a vital key to many people. As for Genevieve Gorder, she is the mastermind of many interior designs in the US. Aside from that, she is also a TV personality and has done many shows since she began her career.

Learn more about Genevieve Gorder’s married life with ex-husband Tyler Harcott, divorce reason, and children. Also know more about Genevieve Gorder’s net worth, and wiki/bio.

Who is Genevieve Gorder?

Genevieve was born in Minneapolis Minnesota on 26 July 1974. She is the oldest among her three siblings.  Her father is known as Jon Gorder, while the mother is Diana Drake. Gorder attended Minneapolis South High School where she majored in playing violin and soccer during her leisure time.

After high school, in 1992, she attended Lewis & Clack College in Portland where she majored in International affairs. Pursuing her course for a while, she changed to taking a graphic design course. After graduating, she got an internship at MTV New York. Immediately after, she was employed permanently by MTV. Genevieve Gorder then relocated to New York where she graduated from the School of Visual arts in Manhattan with the course of a B.F.A in design.

Career, Early life

There is no much info about her early life. In all the news interviews she has been to, Gorder has never disclosed any info to the public. However, with time, she may write an autobiography; something that most celebrities do to disclose more info about them to the public.

Genevieve Gorder began as a commentator in the MTV series, Sex in the ’90s.  Apart from that, she was one of the original designers of the hit series Trading Spaces which was under TLC. In the Trading Spaces, she designed the bottle for Tanqueray. She also became famous for her soulful designs and most of all, her unusual habit of working barefoot.  Gorder parodied her act of not wearing shoes in all her appearances in a series of Swiffer Sweeper Commercials which debuted in 2003.

She explained that she preferred to work barefoot in order to avoid damaging shoes and not because of comfort.  Gorder has also moved around several American towns for her show. She was the lead designer in the spinoff show, Trading Spaces; Family.  

Image of Genevieve Gorder from TV show, Trading Spaces; Family

Genevieve Gorder from TV show, Trading Spaces; Family

In 2009, she made another huge project under HGTV named Dear Genevieve. The show based itself on solving design problems where Genevieve was the chief designer, and she conducted the projects in person. Only people who had written into the program featured in her show.

In that same year, she appeared as a judge in the three-judge panel for HGTV Design Star. The show was basically a platform for upcoming designers to come and showcase their talents in the show. As for Gorder, she would act as the chief designer aside from being the judge, and she would give the best opinion for the upcoming designers. She made an appearance on 25 episodes since the show began in 2009 and ended in 2013.

Later on, in 2015, Genevieve Gorder would be hosted on the HGTV White House Christmas. While there, she gave the viewers of the show a brief tour of the interior and exterior decorations of the White House in Washington. In 2014, Genevieve starred in another show which was about the renovation of her own house in Manhattan.  The series was typically a personal look at what it means to be a designer.

On August 2018, the show Stay Here was launched on Netflix. Currently, there have been eight episodes whereby Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer work together to help in some design related issues. Gorder is also credited as one of the lead producers in the show.

Genevieve Gorder Net Worth

Genevieve has made an impressive income from her career. As I mentioned earlier, she has been in several career ventures that have been a huge success. When it comes to being a designer, she does the work with perfection. This has given her a famous recognition in the TV industry. We can also conclude that her designs seem expensive judging from the photos which are available on Pinterest. Genevieve Gorder net worth is $ 5 million.

Image of Television Presenter, Genevieve Gorder net worth is $5 million

Television Presenter, Genevieve Gorder net worth is $5 million

Is Genevieve Gorder Married? Meet her Husband and Children

Despite her success in the film and design industry, she has had some twist and turns in her relationships. She was previously married to Tyler Harcott.

Image of Genevieve Gorder with her ex-husband Tyler Harcott

Genevieve Gorder with her ex-husband Tyler Harcott

Tyler is a prominent producer, TV personality and American actor. He is known for hosting the Junkyard Wars and Miss America: Countdown to the Crown. The couple got married in 2006 and divorced after seven years of being married.

Image of Genevieve Gorder with her daughter Bebelle Harcott

Genevieve Gorder with her daughter Bebelle Harcott

Genevieve and Harcott have a daughter named Bebelle Harcott, and she is currently living with her mother after the divorce. She has been featured in several shows by her mother concerning designs.

Is Genevieve Gorder Dating Boyfriend?

In 2005, it was discovered that Gorder and Anthony Carrion have been dating for 2 years ever since the divorce with Tyler. She, however, maintained that marriage is not a necessity since they are in love and no stamps are required to prove it.

Genevieve Gorder Fabric and Home

Genevieve runs an online shop where she sells a variety of fabrics which come at very affordable prices. The online shop is more of a platform to also advertise her career in interior design. However, details of the designs in her house are not known as of 2019 since there have been no online updates regarding the matter.

Measurements: Height and Weight

Genevieve has an outstanding body figure which stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. TV host, Genevieve Gorder eye color is blue, and her hair is blonde. As for the shoe size, the exact figure is not known.

Image of Genevieve Gorder height is 5 feet 7 inches

Genevieve Gorder height is 5 feet 7 inches


Genevieve has an outstanding net worth of $5 million which has been acquired from her number of talents in design and TV industry. She has only one child whom she begot when she was previously married to husband Tyler. They divorced seven years later.

Genevieve Gorder Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Facts

Real Name Genevieve Gorder
Date of Birth 26 July 1974
Age 45
Place of Birth Minneapolis, Minnesota
Horoscope sign Leo
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity North American
Death-O-meter Alive

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