Gal Gadot’s Daughter Alma Versano Wiki/Bio, Net Worth, Age, Family

Alma Versano is a product of a celebrity family. If you saw her photos on the internet she would pass like any other lovely child that is until you read either of her parents’ names or net worth. Being a child to a celebrity elevates you a level of celebrity by default.

It is for the child to decide which direction their life takes after they reach the official adult age. Before that, the world media may never leave you in peace. Which is why the world is so vested in knowing the wiki-bio of the young child. This article gives you more details about her early life, career, parents, and body measurements.

Who is Alma Versano?

Alma Versano is the beautiful daughter to a famous “Wonder Woman,” movie actress, Gal Gadot and real estate mogul, Yaron Versano. Both of her parents are Israeli born, but, moved to the USA for work-related reasons. Therefore, Alma Versano was born in the USA making her an Israeli born in America. Alma has a life which one would say is very well laid out due to her parents’ prosperity. She could choose to take after either of her parents’ careers, but, on the other hand, it could turn out differently. She may want to take her own career path. There will be a lot of focus on this young girl as she grows up to see where she ends up.

Wiki, Bio, Early life

Alma Versano was born in November 2011, in the USA according to her wiki. Her exact birthday is not displayed in her bio. She is the firstborn to actress Gal Gadot, and real estate businessman, Yaron Versano. She has a younger sister, Maya Versano, who was born on March 21st, 2017, making her 2 years of age. The 7-year-old is currently in her 2nd grade, though, details of the school are missing from her wiki-bio.


Alma Versano’s mother, Gal Gadot is already vouching for her role in the “Wonder Woman” movie after she is grown up. Gal has already predicted that Alma will be the lead actress in 2039’s Wonder Woman, which is expected to be the Wonder Woman 12 series.

Image of Alma Versano parents Gal Gadot (mother) and Yaron Versano (father)

Alma Versano daughter of ‘Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot and Yaron Versano

She has also been flaunted to appear in other movies such as Batman vs. Superman. With all these said and done Alma’s life’s decisions will be mainly determined by her at the right age. She has a long way to go that will determine her life’s goals. The media will keep watching to see where her career path heads to.

How Old is Alma Versano? Age, Birthday

Alma Versano was born in November 2011, making her 7 years old. It is not well documented which day she was born but her approximate age will have to suffice for now.

Net Worth

How rich is Alma Versano? She is still too young to be pursuing any career. Her net worth has not been recorded by any authoritative source. The only available information is her parents’ wealth, with her mother Gal Gadot owning a net worth of $10 million. Her father, Yaron Versano has a net worth of $40 million. Alma will certainly not have to worry much about her own career and net worth seeing as how large net worth is possessed by her parents.

Alma Versano Family: Mother and Father

Alma’s Mother- Gal Gadot

Her mother, Gal Gadot is a famous actress who started off as a beauty queen in Israel. She was born on April 30th, 1985, making her 34 years of age. Gal was born in Petah, Tikva, Israel. She was born to two Israeli parents. Her father was an engineer and mother a teacher. She studied law and International Law at Herzliya, Israel.

Image of Alma Versano mother Gal Gadot, actress from 'Wonder Woman'

Alma Versano mother Gal Gadot

Gal started out a modeling career while in college that gave her a big boost in the entertainment circles. She won Israel’s beauty queen when she was only 18 years of age. After representing Israel in the 2004 Miss Universe, she joined the army for compulsory service after she finished her college education.

Gal Gadot got into acting which has made her act in several famous movies and TV shows. Her most popular role so far has been Princess Diana in, “Wonder Woman” and “Batman vs. Superman,” a role much appreciated by her daughter.

Alma Versano’s Father – Yaron Versano

Alma’s father is Yaron Versano who is into the business of being a real estate agent. He took birth on this world in Amsterdam on June 28th, 1975, the Netherlands to Israeli parents. He is the husband of Gal Gadot who is a famous actress. They both owned a hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel which they sold to Roman Abramovich for $26 million.

Image of Alma Versano father Yaron Versano and husband of Gal Gadot

Alma Versano father Yaron Versano

The couple lives happily in the USA, together with their children. There has been no detail about any marital conflicts between them.


How tall is Alma Versano? The young girl’s body measurements are not in public domains.

Quick Facts about Gadot’s Daughter Alma Versano

Full name Alma Versano
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) November 2011.
Birthplace USA
Net worth None
Mother Gal Gadot
Father Yaron Versano
Ethnicity/Race Jewish
Career Schooling and vouched for Wonder Woman 2019
Nationality Israeli-American
Marital status Single
Husband None
Children None
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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