How did Gabe Rygaard Die? His Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Family, Death

‘Ax Men’ like any other action-filled reality shows is mostly only about daily adventures of Washington loggers. However, over nine seasons late, the viewers are a little connected to the cast members. It is exactly what made the death of Gabe Rygaard a few years ago. So how did he exactly die? Learn all about it along with the wife, children, and family he leaves behind. His married life and net worth too

Who is Gabe Rygaard? Wiki, Bio

Gabe Rygaard was best-known for being one of the main stars of ‘Ax-Men.’ He co-starred in the show alongside his father and brother, which featured their highly dangerous and competitive logging business. H was born on 1st January 1972 in Port Angeles, Washington. Since his childhood, he wanted to go into the logging businessman like his father, but his father persuaded him to try something new.

So Gabe Rygaard pursued education, going to college and later on being a fisherman in Alaska. In the end, he returned home to join his father’s business anyway but became a good logger.

How did Gabe Rygaard Die? His Obituary

16th September 2016 was the dark day when Gabe Rygaard died after getting involved in a terrible car crash. The accident took place on US Highway 101 located just west of Port Angeles in Washington. It was 9:22 in the morning when Gabe Rygaard was driving in his 1995 Ford Bronco. He was trailing behind another vehicle when a third car hit him.

Image of Ax Men star Gabe Rygaard

Caption: ‘Ax Men’ star Gabe Rygaard

The accident involving three cars had multiple casualties, but should we say fortunately or unfortunately, Gabe Rygaard was the only one who was lost that day. Most of the other people only suffered minor injuries and were cleared by a nearby hospital to go home. It goes to show how unpredictable life and death are. State Petrol later reported that Gabe Rygaard was not wearing seatbelts which could have been the leading cause of his death.

Image of Gabe Rygaard who died in a car accident

Caption: Gabe Rygaard Died in a car accident

His heartbroken family gathered up to their senses to break out the tragic news to all the fans at that time. First, it was his father, Craig Rygaard, who was soon followed by his wife Katy on Facebook. Rygaard was only 44 years of age.

A ceremony was held for the late Gabe Rygaard in King’s Way Foursquare Church in Sequim on September 24, 2016. About 300 people came to pay their respects to the reality star.

Image of Craig Rygaard looking on at his late son Gabe Rygaard's photo during the ceremony

Caption: Craig Rygaard looks on at his late son Gabe Rygaard’s photo during the ceremony

Gabe Rygaard Wife, Children, Family.

If we are talking about Gabe Rygaard’s obituary, we can’t leave out the family he leaves behind. We already mentioned his father Craig Rygaard, who must have been heart-broken to lose his son. Gabe co-starred on ‘Ax-men’ with his father and brother Jacob. After Gabe’s passing, Jacob had to fill in his big brother’s shoes in both the business and the show.

Image of Gabe Rygaard's wife and daughter

Caption: Gabe Rygaard’s wife and daughter

Gabe Rygaard also leaves behind his beautiful wife, Katy. Not much is known about their married life, but it was productive enough. They had two sons and one daughter, three children altogether. Their names were Trucker, Aiden, and Trilby. He would often enjoy playing and spectating golf with his sons. It pains our heart to know that his children lost their father so young.

Image of Gabe Rygaard with sons in a baseball game

Caption: Gabe Rygaard with sons in a baseball game

Gabe Rygaard’s Net Worth

Gabe Rygaard’s association with ‘Ax- Men’ brought him a lot of name and fame. It was thanks to the show he was able to earn quite a net worth and salary which he would leave behind for his wife and kids. Gabe Rygaard’s net worth has been estimated to be about $3 million. His exact salary is not known, and now we don’t know if we will ever even know.

However, the average salary of an employee working at Ax-Men or only Original Productions, the company that produces the show is $68,271. But Gabe Rygaard wasn’t a mere employee; he was one of the main stars of the show. So, he surely has a more substantial salary than the highest employee salary of $85,471.

Gabe Rygaard was indeed a good man, but unfortunately, he was lost in an accident. As fans of ‘Ax-Men’, we shall continue to carry on his memory with the show.

Gabe Rygaard Wiki, Bio, Death, Wife, Net Worth

Full Name Gabe Rygaard
Age 44 years
Birthdate January 1, 1972
Birthplace Port Angeles, Washington
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Reality Star, Logger
Net Worth $3 million
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married
Children 3
Wife Katy Rygaard
Social Media Twitter, Facebook

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