Does WWE star Finn Bálor have a wife?

After New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Finn Bálor is rocking the WWE scene by being the wrestler to win a world title quickly following his main roster debut. He was the inaugural Universal Champion at SummerSlam 2016. When you are this popular, people are constantly interested in what you do, especially who one dated or married to. The recent rumor surrounding the WWE star is he is married. But is it true or just a rumor? Read to find out for yourself.

Does Finn Bálor have a wife?

The rumors that Finn Bálor is married is a lie. He is currently enjoying a happily unmarried life focusing on his career. You will read here first in case Fergal Devitt changes his mind and decides to get a wife.

Who is Finn Bálor’s girlfriend? Is he dating Cathy Kelley?

Another rumor swirling Finn Bálor is he is dating the WWE backstage interviewer and who also works with the WWE social media team, Cathy Kelley. This rumor started when a fan posted a picture of Finn, in New York, hand in hand with a woman. After a quick search, they found out Cathy was flaunting the same outfit on her Instagram.

Cathy Kelley taking interview of Finn Balor

Cathy Kelley taking interview of Finn Balor

It was like adding fuel to fire when the duo was spotted at the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers game in December 2017. But since much of their personal life is kept private, not much is known besides this on the Bálor-Kelley front. They haven’t released anything regarding the relationship, so we can only speculate that she may be Finn’s girlfriend in 2018.

A wiki on Finn Bálor

Fergal Devitt aka Finn Bálor was born on 25 July 1981 in Country Wicklow, Ireland. He always wanted to become a wrestler since he was young and his parents have always accepted and supported their son in his dreams. Finn is one among four children. He has two brothers and sister. Much of his personal life is a mystery and he likes to keep it that way.

Finn Balor

Finn knew he wanted to become a wrestler early on and started training as one very early too.  At eighteen years, Finn debuted his wrestling career through the NWA British Commonwealth heavyweight championship. He moved to New Japan Pro Wrestling after many years. He played many small wrestling gigs until landing the WWE contract in 2014 to appear in NXT.


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