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The mention of worldly success may never be complete without the input of Eric Braeden. Eric was born as Hans Jog. Through his outstanding talent in acting, Eric has over the years managed to impact the entire world positively. His charm has been very difficult to resist. Brad is a graduate of the University of Montana in Missoula, United States.

During his schooling days, Braeden was an all-rounded student. Apart from the books, he excelled greatly in sports. Deep inside, Braeden had this strong conviction that he was meant to be an actor. It is this inner push that made him pursue an acting career which turned out to be his breakthrough in life.

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Eric Braeden Net Worth, Salary

After several decades in the entertainment industry, it is not surprising that Eric Braeden has evolved into a rich person. His total net worth is a product of years of resilience and creativity. Brad’s career history is one that is long and interesting. Throughout his entire acting career, Eric has always been remembered for the role he played as Victor Newman in the ‘Young and Restless’ soap opera. Eric’s talent and warm personality have over the years earned him a huge fan base.

His followers have over the years remained very loyal to him, choosing not to look at any other direction. Erick’s genius networking skills have made him know people from all the possible corners of the world. This has consequently led to higher income. The character of Victor Newman in the ‘Young and Restless’ put the lover of his wife to prison. The manner in which his character played in the soap opera made it necessary that it be renewed. Victor’s character is still in the show currently. Presently, Braeden’s net worth is approximately $ 25 million.

Image of Eric Braeden net worth is $25 million

The Young and the Restless actor Eric Braeden net worth is $25 million

Eric Braeden Married To Wife And Children

For the most of the celebrities in the world, the subject of dating and relationships has been a very dating one. To some, it has been a topic they would rather not talk about. The few courageous ones have all the same been very shady with the bits of information they share with the general public. However, for Eric Braeden, his married life has been a fulfilling one. His wife is Dale Russell Gudegast. The two have over the years been happily married and have therefore not shown any sign of getting divorced in the foreseeable future.

The marriage has been blessed with one child. Eric’s family has been very instrumental in his success as an actor. With a supportive wife and a cooperative child, the sky has always been the limit for Eric Braeden.

Image of Eric Braeden with his wife Dale Russell

Eric Braeden with his wife, Dale Russell Gudegast

How Old Is Eric Braeden? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born on the 3rd of April 1941, Eric Braeden is at the moment 77 years old. Eric celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of April every year.

Wiki, Bio, Height, Book

Eric is 1.85 meters tall (that is around 6 feet). Eric was born in Bredenbek in Germany. In 1959, his family moved to the United States. It is at this stage that Eric began to gradually explore his path in acting. In 2007, Braeden published an autobiography. It was titled, I’ll Be Damned. There are no records of Eric’s parents or siblings. However, based on his German roots, it can as well be construed that they were Germans.

Image of Eric Braeden height

The Young and the Restless actor Eric Braeden is 6 ft tall

Eric Braeden Leaving Young And Restless? What Is He Doing Now?

There have been discussions on several quarters as to whether Eric is planning to leave Young and Restless. In as much as Eric survived the fall he experienced a while ago, his recovery has been a rather slow one. It is for this reason that most fans are fearing that this could be the end of the road for him. However, the fact that Eric has seen worse days before makes it difficult to make confident predictions.

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