Edd China is Married to Wife, Imogen China. Know his Net Worth and New Show.

When you mention phrases like utmost fame, unparalleled expertise sheer uniqueness and utmost passion for the job, one name comes into mind, that of Edd China. The British national has taken strides in his career in heaps and bounds. He has become the ideal description of true fame. He has conquered all obstacles and has seen himself get to the pinnacle of his career

I am talking about a star who has severally featured in the Guinness Book of Records severally in addition to acquiring worldwide stardom. Let us try and dig deeper into his net worth, his career and whether he is married or not.

Wiki-Bio: Career and Early Life

Edd China’s birthdate is 9th May 1971. His age is currently 47 years. He was born in London, United Kingdom. He is a British nationality of a Caucasian Ethnicity. Unfortunately, that is there is concerning his family. Every other information about his background is still in undisclosed.

The people’s mechanic spent most his childhood days in London. He took his studies at King Edward’s School, Witley in Surrey. He would later proceed to the London South Bank University. It was here that he pursued a course in engineering majoring in product design.

The pursuit of his career began while he was still at the university. He did his first major project which was Casual Lofa. In this project, he built motorized couches and desks. This was geared towards raising money for a Raleigh expedition to Belize. It is worth noting that it was with this creation that Edd China made his first Guinness World Record of fastest furniture.

This creation also gave rise to his first job on television. He got hired at on the comedy TV program “Father Ted” as a special effects technician in the year 1994. Having been successful in the show as a technician, he later went ahead and opened up Cummfy Banana Limited in 1999. This was an outlet for his creations and world record attempts.

He appeared as a guest on the TV show “Top Gear Live” in 1999. During his appearance on the show, he drove his Casual Lofa at the Silverstone Live Arena. Most importantly, his creation became so popular that it featured on Jeremy Clarkson’s DVD “The Most Outrageous Jeremy Clarkson Video In The World …Ever.”

Having all this, the motor specialist appeared thrice on Channel 4’s “The Big Breakfast” driving his Casual Lofa, Street Sleeper and Bog Standard. In 2000, he went ahead to star in an episode of “Scrapheap Challenge” (Junkyard Wars in the U.S.A), which featured driving beds and sofa cars. In the same year that Edd China appeared on the TV show “This Your Life.” He featured Suggs in this show. He also gave a ride to presenter Michael Aspel, around old haunts and finally dropped him to the studio on the Casual Lofa.

The auto expert’s exploits did not stop there because he went ahead to become part of “Build a Bond Car On A Budge.” This was a feature of the TV show “Top Gear” in 2002. During the show, his magical skills in building cars came to play when he modified a Rover 800 bought for £200 with a Bond-esque gadget like an ejection seat for just £100.

The motor specialist went on to feature in many other shows including “Fifth Gear,” “This Morning,” and “Pulling Power.” During these shows, he showed his creations. In 2005 alongside Penny Mallory, Alex Riley, and Tony Mason, Edd China presented a TV mini-series called “Classic Car Club,” broadcasted on Discovery Channel. This show was for classic car enthusiasts, and it was about the history and culture of classic cars.

The seasoned mechanic was the guest for an interview about his Cummfy Banana vehicles on ITV’s show, “This Morning” in 2006. He also hosted the Discovery program “Wheeler Dealers” together with Mike Brewer from 20003-2017. However, he would later quit the show as a result of a disagreement with Velocity TV on the direction which the show was supposed to take. Immediately after his departure, Ant Anstead who is known for the UK series “For the Love of Cars” was brought in to replace him. The automobile expert has received global recognition for his innovative prowess. These unique, innovative skills have landed his name on the Guinness World Records. He is the current record holder for the fastest shed, toilet, bed, milk float, and the largest motorized shopping trolley.

Edd China Married to Wife, Imogen China. Any Children?

After dating his girlfriend for a long time, the two finally tied the knot. Edd China married the love of his life (Imogen China) in a closed wedding ceremony which was attended only by close friends and family. The exact dates when the ceremony was held have not been disclosed publicly. The two are said to be happily married. The two are also said to be a great compliment to each other.

Image of Edd China with his wife Imogen China

Edd China with his wife, Imogen China

Imogen China is a Norwegian who holds a Master’s Degree in Business Economics from BI Norwegian Business School. She has been the director at Grease Junkie, the head of external relations for Tussauds, the VIP relations manager for the British Airways London Eye as well as the director of Cummfy Banana Limited. She is currently the Director of China’s Republic of People in Bracknell, England. Her height is 5 feet and 6 inches.

Despite having been together for a while now, the couple is yet to get children. Nevertheless, they always appear happy together.

Edd China Net Worth

The TV presenter has quite a good salary from his TV shows. It is estimated that he used to earn a salary of £74,032 per year for appearing on various Discovery Channel shows.  Also, he makes quite huge amounts from his automobile repair business.

His YouTube channel is another great source of his income. It is said to have more than 11.4 million views. With all those sources of income, Edd China net worth is currently estimated to be $3 million.

Image of Engineer, Edd China net worth is $3 million

Engineer, Edd China net worth is $3 million

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Let’s begin by saying the TV presenter and automobile specialist is among the few individuals endowed height wise. He would have made a good basketball player if only he had an interest in it. Unfortunately, his eyes have been cast elsewhere.

Image of Mechanic, Edd China height is 6 feet 6 inches

Mechanic, Edd China height is 6 feet 6 inches

His height is 6 feet 6 inches, and his weight is 85kg. There is no information concerning his other body measurements.

What is Edd China Doing Now? New Show Coming?

When Edd China parted ways with “Wheeler Dealers,” the show which catapulted him to fame, it was a great disappointment to his fans. Many would not understand why he had to make such a decision.

However, the motor specialist and inventor has started his show on YouTube called “Edd China’s Garage Revival.” The show premiered on 1st May 2018. In the show, he meets with classic car owners and helps them with their vehicle restoration projects.

He is also the managing director of another show “Cummfy Banana Ltd” which is an outlet for his automotive conceptions and world record attempts.

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