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Dr. Josh Axe has a mission. He is not just any other doctor with a clinic at the corner of a street.  He has set out to help millions of people achieve maximum health through proper eating. Dr. Josh Axe founded Exodus Health Center, in 2008 as a wellness clinic. It has grown to be one of the most popular clinics in the USA. Dr.

Learn more about Dr. Josh Axe’s married life with a wife, Dr. Chelsea Axe. Also get to know about Dr. Josh Axe’s net worth, recipes, and family.

Who is Dr. Josh Axe? Wiki, Bio, Age

Dr. Josh Axe was born on August 18th, 1981, in Troy, OH. He is, therefore, 38 years of age.  He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Axe. There is no information on who her siblings are. Dr. Josh is a Chiropractor, a clinical nutritionist, and doctor of natural medicine.

Early life, Career, Education

Dr. Josh attended the University of Kentucky. He later graduated with a doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College. He earned his certification of a nutrition specialist from the American College of Nutrition.

Josh’s medical passion to help other people live healthily started when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the age of 13, he could do nothing as he was still in school. His mother, a swimming instructor and gym teacher, could not understand how she ended up with cancer.

If you've followed my story, you already know how important my mom is to me. Yesterday I was blessed to have her with me in the Axe Wellness office! #mymomrocks #foodismedicine

Posted by Dr. Josh Axe on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

She underwent chemotherapy, and cancer disappeared. Josh was determined to study medicine; which he did. A second time, his mother was diagnosed with a growth on her lungs. She was advised to have surgery and radiation. Josh advised her contrary by encouraging her to use natural foods to tackle the growth. She took the advice, and in four months, the tumor was half its size. In one year, the tumor had disappeared.

This event motivated him to start his natural foods advocacy. He established a very successful website, Draxe.com, which outlines the types of food, diet plans, and recipes one can follow for vitality in their bodies. The site receives over 13 million visitors every month. It also has a shopping platform where you can purchase ancient nutrients and oils. He is also a co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, an online shop for selling food nutritional products made to offer essential nutrients to the body.

Image of Dr. Josh Axe as a co-founder of Ancient Nutrition

Dr. Josh Axe as a co-founder of Ancient Nutrition

The nutrients are meant to restore health, power, and vitality to the body. Josh is also a co-founder of the BurstFIT interval training program.

Dr. Josh Axe has authored a collection of books like, Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine, Eat Dirt, The Real Food Diet Cookbook, Superfood Super You, and Keto Diet: Your 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones and Reverse Disease.

Image of Author, Dr. Josh Axe book Keto Diet

Author, Dr. Josh Axe book Keto Diet

The books are focused on nutrition that cleans your body for high performance. He has been a doctor for many athletes, such as the University of Michigan Swim Team. He was part of the 2012 Olympics support team as a team doctor.

Josh is a highly regarded medical wellness speaker. He has spoken in many events and corporate wellness programs in companies like Whole Foods, Nissan, churches, other large organizations.

Dr. Josh Axe Recipes and Diet Plan

Dr. Axe.com has a wide variety of diet plans such as those for fasting, gluten-free, low-carb, ketogenic, plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian. Dr. Josh breaks down a wide range of recipes under different categories such as gluten-free, ketogenic, vegan, and paleo recipes.

Dr. Josh Axe Net Worth and Source of Income

How rich is the young Doctor? There is no authoritative source of information on how much Dr. Josh Axe is worth. However, as per his website statistics, it is recorded that he has a visitors’ rate of 13 million per month. The website sales have also been recorded as $11.6 million. As per the YouTube records by April 2019, the amount earned from his channel adds up to $401,000.

Image of Chiropractic, Dr. Josh Axe net worth is currently not available

Chiropractic, Dr. Josh Axe net worth is currently not available

Is Dr. Josh Axe Married? Who is his Wife?

Dr. Josh Axe is married to a fellow doctor, Dr. Chelsea Axe. There is no information on when they got married and where their wedding happened. However, it is known that she is an expert in natural health fitness, cross-training, and nutrition. Chelsea is a certified, chiropractic physician. She is a co-founder of the BurstFIT interval training program, which she started with her husband. The program executes functional exercises to reduce weight, HIIT cardio, and Tabata that help in producing high fitness results.

Image of Dr. Josh Axe with his wife Dr. Chelsea Axe

Dr. Josh Axe with his wife, Dr. Chelsea Axe

It is not known whether the couple has any children. The family of doctors is currently living in Franklin, TN.

Dr. Josh Axe Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Facts

Full name Dr. Josh Axe
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) August 18, 1981
Birthplace  Troy, OH, USA
Net worth Not known
Mother Mrs. Axe
Father Mr. Axe
Ethnicity/Race White
Career Doctor and natural ancient foods advocate
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Wife Dr. Chelsea Axe
Children Not known
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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