Dej Loaf is an African American rapper singer and songwriter born and raised in Detroit Michigan. She enjoyed music from 2Pac, Miles David, and Rakim while at a tender age with her parents and grandmother. At the age of four Deja lost her father and was left in the care of her mother and grandmother. When Deja was nine years old she began writing her own song lyrics. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that she began her musical journey into the entertainment industry. This also marked her path towards generating a life for herself and increasing her net worth.


In 2011 Deja Trimble ventured into the entertainment industry. She got her name Dej Loaf from shortening her first name and her interest in Air Jordan. She released her first album “Just do it” in 2012 it attracted the attention of fellow Detroit rapper, Sayitairrittone. Later that year Sayitairrittone signed her up in his Indirie record label IBGM. He delegated his management team to manage her musical journey.
Her 2014 single “try me”, which hit the US billboard chart giving Dej a rise in her musical status. Drake used some words of the song in his Instagram post thus sparking more attention towards the young artist.

Caption: Dej Loaf “Try Me” Official which hit US Billboard chart in 2014

In the same year, she signed up a with Columbia records from where she released her second mixtape “sell sole”.She has released both her third and fourth mix tapes at Columbia Records. In summary Dej’s mix tapes include:
1. Just do it (2012)
2. Sell Sole (2014)
3. All jokes aside ( 2016)
4. Fuck Friend Zone with Jacquees (2017)

Dej lof net worth

The net worth of Dej Loaf is estimated to have accumulated to approximately $2 Millions. Dej Loaf’s net worth is mainly from her Musical career. This is through the sale of her albums and the income she earns from featuring in other musical videos. Some of the videos she has featured in include: singles by Ink, Lil Durk, The game, Rich Homie, E-40. Also, she was selected to be part of the 2015 freshman class in the XXL magazine. Being a songwriter, a singer and a rapper Dej Loaf net worth is definitely sailing towards the higher end.


Born on 8th, April 1991 in Detroit Michigan Dej Loaf was named Deja Trimble. She grew up under the care of her parents and her grandmother. However at the age of four she lost her father, this, however, didn’t affect her academic performance. She kept up performing excessively well in her academics. In 2009 she graduated from Southeastern High school having completed her high school levels. Later she Joined Saginaw Valley state University to pursue nursing. Three years later she dropped out of nursing school and gave full focus to her musical career.


Despite hitting the musical industry and the world of fame she kept her personal life under a low profile. It was unclear of whether she was dating and if she was, then who was she dating. She was suspected to be a Lesbian due to her masculine dressing code. This is even coming to life more when Aye Redd came out as her girlfriend.

DeJ Loaf with rumored girlfriend Aye Redd

Caption: DeJ Loaf and Aye Redd

She claimed that to have been with Deja Trimble and the relationship between Lil Durk was non-existence. In Nov 2015 Dej and Lil Durk came out as a couple and even released the single “my Beyoncé” together. It seems like the relationship between Lil Durk and Dej Loaf is pretty strong and may even lead to marriage.

Dej Loaf with boyfriend Lil Durk

Caption: Dej Loaf with boyfriend Lil Durk

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