Deidrie Henry: net worth, married life and bio

Deidrie Henry is a talented actress from Barbados. She moved to America with her parents when she was 10. She began her career as an actress by performing in several Shakespeare plays. Later on, she debuted on TV in 1997, when she was cast in ‘Savannah’. Throughout her career as an actress, Deidrie appeared on several TV series, as well as some movies. A talented actress, she has also earned a few awards, including a NAACP Award for Best Actress for her performance in ‘Yellowman’. More recently, she became widely known for playing in a commercial for the food company Popeye. That being said, let’s see how much she earns, what her net worth is, and check out her personal life.

Deidrie Henry’s net worth

The actress has an estimated net worth of 1.8 million dollars. This net worth is generated by her appearances in TV shows and commercials. Deidrie is currently part of the main cast of Game of Silence. She plays the role of a detective named Liz Winters. But let’s go back a few years. After beginning her career as an actress in 1997, she got a minor role in ‘ER’. She also appeared in one episode of the crime series Without a Trace in 2006. By that time, her net worth was already starting to look relatively well. One year before, in 2015, she had won the Ovation Award for Best Lead Actress in a Play. That same year, her performance in ‘Yellowman’ brought her an NAACP award. Apart from these roles, she also played in ‘The Riches’‘Beautiful Boy’, and a few others, so her net worth is definitely justified.

Deidrie Henry in Best Season Nominee for "Fountain Theatre"

Caption: Deidrie Henry in Best Season Nominee for “Fountain Theatre”

Source: Youtube

Another important source of income is the Popeye commercial. First of all, Deidrie got 10 thousand dollars for it. But that’s not all, she also earns from commercial spots. For example, let’s say the restaurant wants a 30 seconds spot during the Super Bowl. Whatever they pay for that, 5% goes to Deidrie Henry. Given the fact that the company buys a lot of commercial spots, that 5% adds up pretty nice to Henry’s net worth.

Death rumor

In 2014, the Internet was full of people paying their respects to Deidrie. Funny thing is, she didn’t die. She is still alive and well. The source of the rumor is unknown, and it doesn’t even matter that much. Anyway, everyone thought she was dead for a while, and Twitter was full of ‘R.I.P. Popeye lady’. God forbid!

Is Henry married or is she dating some boyfriend?

If any of you are interested in dating ‘Popeye’s lady’, then we have some bad news. Deidrie has a husband. Yep, this actress is happily married to Douglas Dickerson. They met a long time ago and dated for six years before becoming husband and wife. They do not have any children yet, though.

Deidrie Henry and her husband Douglas Dickerson

Caption: Deidrie Henry and her husband Douglas Dickerson

Short bio

Deidrie Nicole Maria Henry was born on 22 December, 1974, in Barbados. At the age of 10, she moved with her family to Atlanta. Her initial plan was not to be an actress, but a pilot. She earned a degree in aeronautical science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. She was planning to work for Eastern Airlines, but by the time she graduated, the company had folded. Deidrie still tried to get a job as a pilot, but she didn’t make it, as no one would hire her without any prior experience. However, when she was asked if she’d like to be a pilot, she said no. She said that being an actress is more fun.


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