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David Wilcock is a combination of brains, belief, and action. He forms complex thoughts on topics as reincarnation, ufology, ancient civilization, and new theories about matter and energy. He has penned down some of the books on ascension, reincarnation, lost histories, and hidden intelligence topics. David is sure a genius. He cracks all these complex topics with the simplicity they deserve.

Details about David Wilcock’s married life with a wife, Elizabeth Wilcock, children and family. Also, get to know about Elizabeth Wilcock’s husband, David Wilcock net worth and wiki/bio.

Who is David Wilcock Howe? Wiki, Bio, Age

David Wilcock is a professional psychologist, lecturer, author, and TV personality who has taken the path of discovering many human theories. David Wilcock has done a lot of research to try and find out about issues that pester the human mind such as ufology, consciousness science, ancient civilizations and many more that we shall learn from this article. He has gone further to bring these studies to the knowledge of his audiences through radio shows, lectures, TV programs and in books.

David Wilcock, an American Author, was born on March 8, 1973, in Rotterdam, Schenectady County, New York, USA. His parents divorced when he just 11 years of age.

Early life and Education

The divorce of David Wilcock’s parents got him depressed to a level of gaining weight from binge eating. He became quite big, making him socially isolated. By the age of 15 years, he was very depressed by his size. He decided to make a change to his life at the age of 16 years, by engaging in a weight loss journey. During his series of weight loss activities, David began to experience dreams that were self-induced.

He studied styles of dream induction from a book called, Lucid Dreaming by Dr. Stephen La Berge’s book. Lucid dreaming is to be awake and aware of yourself while dreaming with the intention of controlling your dream. This was a line of study he would take up later in his life. David graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the State University of New York at New Paltz. David Wilcock went on to pursue a master’s degree by interning at a suicide hotline. He completed his studies at a young age of 22 years.


His study of the Law of series of books transformed his life by instilling in him the belief that one could predict events before they happened with exact precision. He received a calling to move to Virginia Beach in Virginia. On reaching Virginia, he met the A.R.E., (the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.), a community who equated him to a young Edgar Cayce. They told him that he was a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and advised him to take up his course from where he had left.

Edgar Cayce was referred to as a sleeping prophet. He would answer tough issues such as reincarnation and the future while sleeping. The A.R.E community advised David Wilcock to begin writing and publishing such material as Edgar did. That was his turning point.

Image of Author, David Wilcock

Author, David Wilcock

He has continued to research on such areas as ufology, consciousness science, and new studies on matter and energy. He has written books such as, “Convergence series,” “The Ascension Mysteries,” The “Synchronicity Key,” and “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.” David Wilcock has also been invited to lecture in countries like Japan and different parts in the USA. David is also popular for his appearances on Gaiam TV show called, “Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock.” He is also a musician who has released some jazz music that ignites meditative forms of thinking.

David Wilcock Net Worth

How much is David Wilcock worth? Many authoritative sources that analyze celebrity net worth do not document David’s net worth. He is an author of bestsellers, and this should be earning him a great amount of wealth.

Image of Author, David Wilcock net worth is currently not available

Author, David Wilcock net worth is currently not available

Remember, David is under instructions from the A.R.E. community to write free material that would help expound on what Edgar Cayce had left from.

David Wilcock Married, Wife, Children

David Wilcock is married to his wife, Elizabeth Wilcock. Elizabeth Wilcock and her husband, David Wilcock, tied the knot on October 14, 2017. It is not yet public on whether they have any children yet.

Image of David Wilcock with his wife Elizabeth Wilcock

Author David Wilcock with his wife, Elizabeth Wilcock

David Wilcock Websites and Youtube

David Wilcock has a very detailed webpage called “Divine cosmos“ on his works and engagements with different spheres of people in his line of career. He also has a very engaging YouTube channel where he expresses his line of thought and studies in front of the camera.

David Wilcock Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Facts

Full name David Wilcock
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) March 8, 1973 (45 years)
Birthplace Rotterdam, Schenectady County, New York, USA
Net worth Not known
Mother Not known
Father Not known
Ethnicity/Race White
Career professional psychologist, lecturer, author, and TV personality
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Wife Elizabeth Wilcock
Children Not known
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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