Dan Greiner Biography: Everything you need to know about Lori Greiner’s Wife

In this article, we will get to learn more about Dan Greiner, husband of famous Lori Greiner. The man has led an exciting life, and as such, you’ll want to read everything we have unearthed about the man. We will also get to know about everything going on in his life; his relationships, age, and net worth. Who is his wife? How did she become famous? Exploring their involvement will help us answer this question.

You will want to read ahead if you want to know more about this great chief finance manager who won Lori Greiner’s heart along with her net worth and married life.

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Dan Greiner was born in the United States of America. Though the exact date of his birth is not known, we estimate him to be somewhere between his mid to late 40s. There is scarcely any information on his early life and childhood. As such, we are not quite sure which state he was born in. We were also not able to put together if he had any siblings or not, or who his parents were.

But what we can surmise is that he must have been a very hard working person who put a lot of effort into his education. This would lay the foundation for him to go on to become a high powered executive later on in life. We also cannot mention Dan without talking about his wife, Lori because the latter is a highly acclaimed inventor, businesswoman, and reality television star.

Who is Dan Greiner? His Career Info

Dan Greiner is a 48-year-old American man who burst on to the scene soon after he married his lovely wife, Lori Greiner. The woman is quite famous as she appeared on the tv show, Shark Tank. Before then, Dan was very far away from the spotlight, living his private life. Currently, Dan Greiner is the Chief Finance Manager and Vice President at ‘Your Ease Only,’ but before he hit the jackpot with his current job, he used to work as a controller in Bell & Howell.

The VP would then go on to quit his previous job to work with his wife. His earnings are not known, but he’s the vice president in the company; hence, gains must be outstanding and tremendous. Unlike her husband, Lori has been out in the light for a while and has accomplished so much over the past years.

Mrs Greiner is known to have invented quite a several home décors like Swivel Organizers, Jewelry Cabinets, Improved cooking tools, Collapsible strainers, Prep N pop Vegetable Helper and other more. They have been known to make work much more comfortable in the kitchen and room.

In 2014, Lori published a book Invent it, Sell it, Bank it!  And Make your million Dollar idea into reality. Her businesses have proven to be successful. Lori Greiner is quite the entrepreneur.

Dan Greiner Net Worth and Salary

Dan Greiner is very high up in the company ‘Your Ease Only.’ This would suggest that he earns quite a lot since he is the Vice President and the Chief Finance Manager. Before he started working with his wife, let’s not forget that he used to be a Vice President at a different company. That is to say, he was already earning a fair amount of money and laying the foundation for his wealth.

Image of Shark Tank cast, Dan Greiner net worth is currently not available

Shark Tank cast, Dan Greiner net worth is currently not available

That said, Dan Greiner’s net worth is presently undisclosed and under review. What he earns is also not known. This is because he likes to keep his life private and away from the media. His wife though is a television personality and is said to have a net worth of $50 million. Being married means that Dan shares in his wife’s wealth and enjoy the same lifestyle she does.

Dan’s source of income comes from their company and other personal businesses he might be running. His wife Lori, on the other hand, has various sources of revenue but her primary source of wealth remains the 600 consumer earrings that she sells. Her annual earning is around $ 35 million. On the tv show ‘the tank,’ she earns $50,000 per episode. In 2014, she invested in ‘Scrub Daddy,’ which is a company that produces texture changing household sponge, which turned out to be a huge success. It has over $ 70 million in sales across a multitude of stores.

Is Dan Greiner Married? Meet his Wife, Lori Greiner

The businessman is, in fact, a married man. Dan Greiner wife’s name is Lori Greiner. She was born on the 9th of December 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, which would make her 49 years old presently.

Image of Dan Greiner with his wife Lori Greiner

Dan Greiner with his wife, Lori Greiner

Dan and Lori are said to have met in the year 1996 in a Lincoln Park bar in Chicago, on an exciting night out. They hit it off almost instantly and went on to date for several years as they learned more and more about each other. A lot of people often wondered when they would tie the knot, as they went on to date for well over a decade. But no two couples are ever the same and ever pair moves at their own pace.

Just because one person is ready, does not mean that the other is equally certain as well. They got married in the year 2010. The exact date is not revealed.  The married couple has two luxurious houses in Chicago and Philadelphia. The former VP left his previous job to start a business wife her wife from scratch, which is said to be doing quite well so far. The two have no kids. It has just been the two. Dan is there to support his wife in her businesses.

Dan Greiner Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth

Full name Dan Greiner
Age The Mid 40s
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Former VP, Businessman, Chief Finance Manager
Net worth Under review
Wife Lori Grenier
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Unknown

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