Who is Damian Marley’s girlfriend? Is he married? Exclusive info about his 2018 tour

Damian Marley is the son of the famous Reggae singer-songwriter, Bob Marley. Want to know more about Damian Marley? Scroll on to find out about his girlfriend, upcoming tour, children, siblings and net worth.

Damian Marley short bio

Damian Marley was born on 21st of July, 1978 to Bob Marley and Cindy Breakspeare. Damian is the youngest among Bob Marley’s children. Damian’s mother, Cindy was the Miss World in the year 1976; she is a former model and a respected jazz musician. Damian is popularly known by his nickname “Jr. Gong”, which comes from his father who was nicknamed “Tuff Gong”.

Bob Marley had 11 children with seven different mothers – Sharon, Cadella, David “Ziggy”, Stephen, Robert “Robbie”, Rohan, Karen, Stephanie, Julian, Ky-Mani and Damian Marley. Many of Marley brothers and sisters have grown to become talented musicians and artists.

When Damian was thirteen years old, he formed a musical group called The Shephards. He also worked with his older brother Stephen on his first album, “Mr. Marley.” The Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter has a net worth of $20 million dollars.

Damian Marley with his brothers Rohan, Stephen, and Ziggy Marley

Damian Marley with his brothers Rohan, , Stephen, and Ziggy Marley

Damian is a reggae musician. He got his commercial breakthrough with the 2004 single “Welcome to Jamrock.” He has won three Grammy Awards till date. He has worked with various and diverse artists, from the likes of Nas to Mick Jagger to Skrillex.

How many children does Damian Marley have?

Damian Marley has a son Elijah Marley with his girlfriend Crystal. Elijah was born on August 19, 2009. Damian also had another child Christian Marley. Christian Marley is older than Elijah Marley but there is not much information on his mother or him.

Damian Marley upcoming tour in 2018

An exciting blend of reggae, R&B, hip-hop, dancehall music coupled with heartfelt and hard-hitting lyrics, Damian Marley has his tour “On The Road” lined up from February 2018 in Medellin, Colombia to July 2018 in Bontida, Romania.

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