Cue The Wedding Bells! Actor Dave Franco Married His Girlfriend, Alison Brie!

Loved by audiences worldwide, Dave Franco has a huge fan base, and of course, a great number of fangirls. Unfortunately for those who were maybe hoping for a chance at this guy, he has not been available for a while now. Yes, you’ve read that right. Dave Franco is now Alison Brie’s husband.

Dave Franco has been making a name for himself among the greatest TV stars for a while now. He debuted in 2006 in the drama series ‘7th Heaven’, at the age of 21. Since then, Franco performed in many other TV shows and movies, such as ‘Superbad’, ‘Warm bodies’, ‘The Shortcut’ and ‘Now You See Me’.

He delivered his breakthrough performance 2012, playing the role of a drug dealing student called Eric Molson in ‘21 Jump Street’. This got him a lot of positive feedback from audiences. Three years before this, Franco had a regular role on ABC’s critically acclaimed comedy series ‘Scrubs’. The young actor has a great chance to establish himself as one of the next big movie stars, claiming his spot next to his older brother, James.

Dave Franco Girlfriend and Dating History.

Dave Franco has been dating actress Alison Brie since 2012. Another great name in the industry of movies, Franco’s Girlfriend Alison Brie is constantly putting up great quality acting. You might know her as Annie Edison from ‘Community’, or maybe as Trudy Campbell from ‘Mad Men’. She is also the voice of many animated characters, such as Princess Unikitty from ‘The Lego Movie’ and Diane Nguyen (and some others) from the Netflix original ‘Bojack Horseman’. Dave and Alison started dating in 2012, but unlike other popular actors, they have kept their relationship private. Their relationship was first made public by paparazzi when they were spotted holding hands in a grocery store.

Dave franco with his girlfriend Alison Brie holding hands in a grocery store

Dave’s and his girlfriend’s relationship went very well even after it was revealed to the public. In 2015, Alison Brie and Dave Franco were getting engaged. Their relationship has always seemed to go better and better. They have appeared in several Internet videos and TV shows, seeming to be madly in love. One year after they started dating, in 2013, they appeared in a sketch called ‘Dream Girl’. The video was a great success, having Alison find out what Dave’s dream girl is like.

actress Alison Brie and dave franco engaged

Actor Dave Franco and Alison Brie Engaged. The gorgeous Ring is the proof.

They do not often talk about their relationship in public, but when they do, they make sure we know how much they love each other. In an interview for People, Alison described Franco as ‘the sweetest man’ and said that he’s ‘funny and incredible in every way’. She also said that she used to not have a great opinion about marriage. Her parents’ divorce was the reason behind this. Dave Franco made her change her mind, though. The actress said that when she met him, he had her thinking ‘Well, I’m really in love with you and would like to grow old with you.’

Franco Gets Married with his long time Girlfriend Alison Brie

Dave and his long time Girlfriend have tied the knot earlier this year. They managed to do what not many celebrities couldn’t: they had a private wedding. There are not many details out there, not even the exact date. Nevertheless, congratulations are in order for the newlyweds!

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