Cole Galotti has Girlfriend or Dating Others?  Learn His Net Worth and Family Life

The most convenient thing about following a Social Media personality is certainly it’s easier to learn about their personal life since they like to share as much as they can with their fans and followers. This way we even unravel some really interesting things in their life like a recent one with the star Cole Galotti.

Is he having a relationship with his girlfriend? Are the rumors of his cheating affair true? Get answers to all your questions and also learn extra facts about him like his net worth and family life.

Cole Galotti Girlfriend and Breakup:

For anyone who follows Cole in his social media accounts especially his ‘You now’ profile where he goes by the name of ‘ItsColeGalotti’, you might already know who his girlfriend is. For those who do not know it is, she is also a social media personality Danielle Cohn. If you know who Cole is then you must automatically recognize Danielle, she is also a star but much more famous than Cole having over 7 million followers on and 1 million followers on Instagram.

Cole Galotti and Danielle Cohn

Cole Galotti and Danielle Cohn.

So far Cole has been an outstanding boyfriend but recently their relationship has faced a large hurdle. They have been friends for a long time and only started dating since recently but a girl named Kate is certainly ruining it all. According to him, Kate has been speaking out how he has been cheating on Danielle with her. She even released Cole’s phone number to the public. A troubled Cole even spoke about it in a long Instagram post where he said how the allegations were false. He revealed that he is still a virgin and all he did was make out with Kate once but that was sometime before he started dating Danielle. The post had us believe that maybe Danielle might have ended their relationship.

Hi, my name is Cole Galotti. I'm well aware of everything that is going on at the current moment. I'm going to explain myself and clear everything up. To start off I've never ever ever had sex in my entire life. I'm still a virgin and will continue to be that way until the time is right. Yes I love Danielle a lot and I truly care about her. What happened with that girl was before I dated Danielle. I honestly think it is being brought up now because everyone sees how fast Danielles and I relationship started getting exposure so everyone is trying to do anything they can to get the same exposure as well. Yes I will say I messed up and made out with this girl before I started dating Danielle. Yes it was my fault and I'm owning up to my mistakes and I'm saying sorry. I'm changing into a new person and honestly this has been a big eye opener to me. This has made me turn into a way more upfront and honest person. Along with making me want to improve to a better, stronger, more humble, and happier person. I love you guys a lot and thank you. Love or hate. I respect your decision❤️ -Cole Galotti – (Add on) I also wanna clarify I did NOT cheat on Danielle, this happened before we started dating.

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However, his followers do not need to get upset just yet. It turns out that Danielle has the utmost trust in her heart for Cole and she is still looking to be his girlfriend despite all the fake affairs. He posted a video on Twitter on July 21 of Danielle running to him and giving him a jumping hug.

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He even later posted another picture of him and Danielle snuggling together apologizing for making the previous posts look like they had separated just because he was depressed and panicked.

Cole Galotti Wiki Bio:

Cole Galotti was born on 8th March 2001 in Texas, USA. He has over 500K followers on, 252K followers on Instagram and 160K followers on ‘Younow’. With such high ratings, he must have a pretty sick net worth as well but it is still under evaluation. His parents must love him dearly especially his mother as she goes by the user name ‘TheColeGalottisMama’ on her Twitter and Younow account. So it looks like the star at just 16 years of age has got it all; career, love and family.

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