Is Chris Colfer Gay? Who is his boyfriend? More about his relationship and partner.

Chris Colfer, the openly gay actor, has put down all hopes for his female fans, but there might, after all, be some guys who are equally big fans and admirers of him. So for their sake, it is necessary to understand the personal life of Chris. Is he married or does he have a boyfriend? If not then what is his dating history and list of partners? Find answers to all these questions here.

Chris Colfer Dating Life and Boyfriend:

We have both good news and bad news for his male viewers. First the good news, he is not married, so the slot of the husband is still wide open.

However don’t breathe your sighs of relief just yet because that does not mean he does not have a partner and right there lies the bad news. Chris is already taken in the sense that he is dating his boyfriend, Will Sherrod for a long time.

The power gay couple has been dating since January 2013 and is still together. They are very secretive and even after openly being partners still are rarely seen in public eyes as well as media. We do not know much about his gay partner Will.

He is also in the acting industry but works behind the scenes and has even had small acting roles in projects like ‘Flight,’ ‘Beowulf’ and ‘A Christmas Carol.’ He has even appeared in one of the episodes of ‘Glee’ alongside his boyfriend, Chris.

Cute Couple: Chris Colfer and his partner Will Sherrod

Chris Colfer dating his boyfriend, Will Sherrod

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The two first revealed their relationship when they walked the red carpet of the Star Guild Awards in the January of 2013 as each other’s date. Since then they have been spotted many times by paparazzi’s sharp eyes including the independence day of 2013 sporting matching outfits and indulging in the festivities.

They were also seen dressed as the flying monkeys from Wizards of Oz while his best girlfriend Ashley Fink dressed as the evil witch in Matthew Morrison’s 2015 Halloween Masquerade Ball.

It looks like they are the new gay power couple in Hollywood and are looking to get the goal. After more than four years together it will not be unexpected for hearing the ‘Married’ news from them anytime soon. We hope that the two be together and soon turn from boyfriends to husbands.

His Bio:

Chris Colfer was born on 27, May 1990, in Clovis, California, the USA to parents Karyn and Timothy Colfer. He has a younger sister who suffers from a very serious case of epilepsy causing her to have as much as 50 seizures in an hour. Colfer also faced a lot of bullying in elementary school, and things turned so bad that he had to be homeschooled for a year and a half.

Most of Chris’s works come from these struggles as he used acting to relieve stress. He also joined the debate, speech and drama clubs in his changed elementary school and won a lot of titles. He also was fascinated with writing from a very young age and attempted to write fairy-tales of his own.

These stories he would later re-visit and now are recognized as his trilogy publication of ‘Land of the Stories,’ the second one of it being a New York Best-Seller.

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