Chelah Horsdal Wiki: Is She married or has a husband?

Chelah Horsdal is a Canadian actress and model (born June 19, 1973). Chelah Horsdal is the successful actress. She appeared in a number of movies and TV series also nominated for Awards.

Canadian actress Chelah Horsdal is the promising actress. She played a role of wife and mother but her fan never got a chance to see her in those characters in real life. There had been a rumor that she got married to her co-actor but those were an only rumor.

She never got involved with anyone with whom she shared a screen. Once she posted on Twitter about dating online but she was never really into it. She always loves limelight never stopped for anyone in her career.

Is Chelah Horsdal married in real life?

Chelah Horsdal is living single. She is not married yet. Chelah Horsdal must be planning to live with someone she loves but she has not mentioned anyone in her life till date with whom she is going to live together. Chelah Horsdal portrayed a successful mother and wife in a screen.

Chelah Horsdal and Rufus Sewell on-screen couple

Rufus Sewell and Chelah Horsdal on-screen couple

Source: Imdb

Actor Rufus Sewell and Chelah Horsdal had shared a screen as husband and wife. Together they had a good bonding off screen too and once Rufus Sewell explained about how he felt to be a husband of Chelah Horsdal on screen in the “The man in the high cast.” He said.

“For me, one of the great pleasures of the first season and the second season is the fact that I got wonderful actors playing my family. It’s great doing scenes with Quinn and Chelah is a wonderful actress. Our story continues and it goes quite deep; there is a lot of her in the second season. I am just thankful that they cast her the way they did; When the casting and the chemistry are right, it is very easy. The fact that there is a certain trust between us that is inherent.”

Chelah Horsdal Biography & Movies

Chelah Horsda is born on June 19, 1973, in Vancouver, British Colombia. Chelah Horsdal is a daughter of Paul Valdemar Horsdal (Father) and Lindsay Whalen (mother).

She was raised by her mother in Kitsilano and went to Bayview Elementry followed by Lord Byng Secondary. Chelah Horsdal started her career at very young age (18 years old) and appeared in a number of local ads before being cast in TV series and movies and lived in the Caribbean for several years.

Chelah Horsdal career started in 2002. Afterward, she never looked back in her career. Initially, she was cast as a lead actress and supporting role in a number of movies and series entitled Hell on Wheel, Man In the High Castle When calls the heart, “Three weeks, Three child” and so on.

Chelah Horsdal in 'Hell on Wheel' scene

Chelah Horsdal scene in the TV series Hell on Wheel

Source: AMC/Chris Large

Chelah Horsda’s acting careers additional credit goes to her roles in Burning Mussolini, Nickelodeon’s Gym Teacher: The Movie, co-starring Christopher Meloni, and Amy Sedaris, Flirting With Forty with Heather Locklear and the FOX TV pilot The Virgin of Akron, Ohio.[3] Supporting leads include AVP2: Requiem for 20th Century Fox and Possession alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar, as well as Elegy with Ben Kingsley and Penélope Cruz and Rise of the Planet of the Apes with John Lithgow and James Franco.

Chelah Horsdal nominated with Leo Awards

Chelah Horsdal nominated with Leo Awards

Source: GramUnion

Chelah Horsdal was also nominated as for best actress in 2011 for the role in The Hostage and also nominated for other four Leo Awards.

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