Casey Neistat Net Worth, Bio, Girlfriend and Wife.

The YouTube star now writer and director of television series and films is a New York resident married to a South African born business lady and actress to his short films “Candice Pool”. Casey and Candice got married in 2013 this was after their proposal on a bridge in Amsterdam. The proposal came as a surprise to Candice who didn’t expect it as the two had never discussed marriage earlier on. On this drizzling day as Candice watched Casey go down on one knee she was surprised at the unexpected proposal. After the proposal, the couple agreed that their wedding will take place in Cape Town South Africa which is Candice’s birthplace.

Casey and Candice

Casey Neistat with his wife Candice

They had a beautiful wedding with the ceremony being held at the beach. They had their first song which they had selected way before they even thought of getting married: “crimson and Clovers” by Tommy James and The Shondells. The couple has a daughter “Francine” together. However, Casey has a son “Owen “who was born when Casey was 17 years old.



Casey Neistat is one of the unique YouTube stars whose net worth is not generated from youtube earnings. Having denied to monetized his self-titled youtube channel, his income is generated elsewhere. He began his youtube channel in 2010 and ever since he has uploaded more than 700 high-quality videos on his channel. His youtube channel has attracted more than 6M subscribers over the years.

Casey Neistat net worth is estimated to be close to $12 Million. This is attributed to Casey’s hard work and commitment towards making a life for himself. As a teenager, Casey worked as a dishwasher at a seafood restaurant. He then moved to NewYork and began working as a bike messenger in the city in 2001. In 2003 Neistat began his journey towards increasing his net worth. His first step was developing a short film “iPod Dirty secret” which affected Apple’s policy forcing them to reconsider their policy on replacing iPod batteries.

In 2004 he joined efforts with his brother Van Neistat and together they worked on film series that focused on scientific experiments. Each film lasted for about 15 min focusing on random experiments. In 2010 the Neistat brothers struck a deal with HBO to air their 8 episode “Neistat brothers” which premiered in 2010.

Casey journey to increase his net worth didn’t stop at being a director and a YouTube star. As a co-founder of Beme Inc., they developed Beme a video messaging application. In 2016 CNN bought Beme from Casey Neistat and Matt Hacket for $25M. The main intention of CNN was to use the application to reach more millennial and strengthen their digital strategies.
Casey Neistat is a celebrated film producer and director. In 2012 he won the John Cassaretes Awards for producing the film “Daddy’s long legs” at the Independent spirit. Later on, in 2016, he won the Streamy award for being the best first-person series.


Casey Neistat was born in Connecticut, New London in 1981 March 25th. He lived In London until the age of 20 when he moved to New York. He began his journey towards creating a life for himself while in Newyork. Casey’s wife, Candice Pool is a South African native, born on 19th, October 1977. He is a blogger, his wife Candice at times acts in his vlogs.

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