Brian Boitano came out as gay! Yet to be married? Know about his splendid net worth

Every one of us might have hummed this song of THE SOUTH PARK at least once in our life time; whether or not we really know who ‘THE BRIAN BOITANO’ is.

Well, if we do know, do we actually know that the 53-year-old American figure skater Brian Boitano is none other than the famous Olympic champion of 1988 who repeatedly brought medals to the country?

Brian Boitano Olympic medal

Brian Boitano showing his gold medal back in 1988 olympics.


Well, the strong and passionate athlete hadn’t really come up as a star among today’s youth until 2014 when he publicly revealed himself as a ‘gay’.

What made him announce so? This was an interesting fact in the history of America! Taking up such a brave decision was not an easy task for Boitano who keeps his personal life private. He said that he never intended to publicly reveal that he is a gay until he was chosen for the US Olympic delegation by then president of America, Obama in December 2014.

This might be a known fact to everyone. But is the life of Brian Boitano after coming out as gay known to us? Well, it’s not easy to find out about a person’s relationship status when the person is not open enough to explore.

The delegation speech of 2014 December by President Obama had brought a huge change in his life. According to Boitano, President had made a powerful statement and that had made him realize his importance as a competitor irrespective of what gender he belonged to. The statement ‘being gay is just one part of who I am’ has brought feelings of respect towards him for the public.

Fear of criticism would be at the peak after this announcement by the ever green skater. Especially just before representing his country furthermore. But the talented and brave athlete revealed that he had no regrets for what he did saying ‘ I am many things, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend, an athlete, a cook, an author, and being gay is just one part of who I am. First and foremost I am an American athlete’. The adorable athlete also said that he was proud to live in a country that encourages diversity, openness, and tolerance. Ever since then Boitano has started receiving words of support from the figure skating community as well as the public of America.

Brian Boitano Skating

Figure Skater Brian Boitano skating at Winter Olympics in 1994.

Source: NY Daily News

Now, the fact cannot be hidden that public has started being more curious about his personal life and regarding his relationships. But to explore the personal fact of a person’s life is not easy until the person keeps his personal life private.

According to Internet rumors, Boitano isn’t single. In fact, Boitano is in a relationship.

Is Brian Boitano dating a girlfriend ? or is he a gay?

When asked about his current relationship status, Boitano is attempting to keep that aspect of his life still private. On further interrogation by the public, he did hint that he might have dated a man before he publicly came out. There is no doubt of public assuming that he would rather date a man than a woman. But the truth is still unseen.

Again, in 2008, Brian popped up in the news saying that he was in a relationship with Frank d’Amboise for years.

The source also published a photo of Brian and d’Amboise together.

But soon, an update was released by the same source announcing that Brian and Franc were not boyfriends but are friends and business partners since a long time in White Canvas Publications.

So far, Brian seems to be single publicly unless he has a mysterious relationship hidden behind.

Brian Boitano Net worth

The 18 million dollars worth celebrity, Brian who was born on October 22, 1963, in Mountain View, California, was raised in San Francisco. He was known internationally ever since 1978 where he had participated in World Junior Figure Skating Championships and had managed to gain a bronze medal. The evergreen American hero had brought 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals to the country. In fact, in 1994, despite injuries he has had, the brave athlete competed and was placed sixth. This couldn’t have left the audience, as well as the judge un admire the challenge taken by the youth of the tournament.


The life changing event (president’s statement) of Boitano brought a change not only in Boitano’s personal life but also brought a huge change in his professional life. It made him popular again in a different aspect.

President Obama had made a delegation based on the passing of national laws by Russia banning ‘gay propaganda’. Russia had even suggested the United States boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics as a protest to which President Obama had rejected saying ‘with “gay and lesbian bringing home the gold or silver or bronze” a stronger statement would be made’. He had added, ‘we believe in this and if you don’t follow along, we will leave you behind in this thought process.’

Besides Olympics, Brian has made up his name through the 1999 film ‘SOUTH PARK; BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT’ which included a song titled ‘WHAT WOULD BRIAN BOITANO DO’. The song had not only used his name but also exposed him as a talented skater who brought gold to his country.

Besides, Brian has worked on some TV shows as well as some films like a German dance film CARMEN ON ICE, WINTER MAGIC, GIADA AT HOME etc. He also hosted a series on HGTV called ‘The Brian Boitano Project’ which premiered in Jan 2014. Besides, he had also had a cameo in the 2007 film BLADES OF GLORY as a world skating Federation judge.

The 53-year-old American talent is still seen skating. In fact, he seems to have gone stronger with age. When asked about his secret in maintaining the talent, he said, ‘I just don’t stop doing them.’

He has also come up with a food network show at present ‘WHAT WOULD BRIAN BOITANO MAKE?’ to which he says ‘I’m still making the transition; it’s been a great challenge to let people know that I have more than one passion in my life. Food has always been my passion’. He added, ‘when I was young, I started developing recopies and I was always on such a restricted diet that I couldn’t eat the food that I could put together’. Brian wanted to pursue with his personal career after skating which he says he’s started with the show.

Well, so much for openness with the public was not expected from such a private guy but still, I suppose we expect a little more publicness from the shy fellow. Probably we do expect him to be more open regarding his relationship status!

Whatever it may be, let us all wait until he reveals it by himself. Until then, let us all admire his courage, bravery, honesty and his success by watching his shows, learning some good skating and cooking skills from him or else enjoying the song…

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