What is Barry Seal Net Worth? Meet His 3 Wives; Deborah, Barbara, & Lynn

Barry Seal was one of the biggest names which comes whenever talking about the American drug problem. Involved in drug smuggling, he later turned into an informant for DEA and FBI. Barry was a pilot for Trans World Airlines (TWA), where he was a captain and the youngest command pilot in the TWA fleet. He has been mentioned, or his character has been portrayed in various shows in relation to the American Drug culture of the past.

Though there has been a lot of portrayal of Barry’s character in Hollywood, not all of them have been accurate. Some were over the top, and some didn’t portray him just as a bad guy. To know more about one of the most prominent personalities involved in the drug culture of the 60s and 70s stay with us. Stick with us for Barry Seal’s net worth, his married life with wives and divorce reason.

Who was Barry Seal?

Born as Adler Berriman “Barry” Seal, he was one of the children of Mary Lou (nee Delcambre) and Benjamin Kurtis Seal. Barry was born on date July 16, 1939, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he grew up as well. Seal started flying while he was just a teen, and he was a very gifted pilot, according to his flight instructor.

Image of Pilot, Barry Seal

Pilot, Barry Seal

Nothing about the high school Barry attended is known, but he got his student pilot’s certificate at the age of 16. At the age of 17, Seal got his Private Pilot’s certificate. After getting his pilot certification, he enlisted fro Louisiana Army National Guard in 1961 at the age of 22.

Barry graduated from US army Airborne school as a pilot and flight engineer. While he tried for special forces selection & training, he never completed it. After he got his bachelor’s degree, his career in TWA started.

Barry Seal Career

Seal started his career in 1964 with TWA as a flight engineer in 1964. He soon got promoted to the post of the first officer and became a captain shortly after. Barry was the youngest Boeing 707 command pilot in the TWA fleet. But Barry’s career with TWA ended following the allegations of his involvement in a plastic explosive smuggling conspiracy to Mexico using DC-4. His career ended in July 1972.

Barry’s career as a drug smuggler started after he got fired from the TWA. According to Seal’s statements, he began by smuggling small amounts of cannabis but slowly started smuggling cocaine for a more significant profit. Barry was arrested in 1979 while he was returning from a drug-smuggling trip. While he had no drugs on him, at the time of arrest, an M-1 rifle was found on his body, and he got arrested. Barry was imprisoned in 1980 after a year of getting arrested.

Seal’s scuffle with the law lasted for quite some time as he wasn’t arrested with any definite proof. But once he started working big time for  Medellin cartel, Barry began to make up to $1.3 million per flight transporting drugs.

Once Barry was arrested with proof of drug smuggling, he was tried and sentenced to 10 years in prison by Florida Federal Court. After his sentence, Barry approached the FBI and DEA to work as an informant. A more detailed paragraph about his work as an undercover agent can be found on his Wikipedia page.

Meet Barry Seal 3 Wives – Marriage and Children

Barry, even as a smuggler, had a fulfilling love life. He married three times during his lifetime. His first wife is Barbara Dodson, whom Seal married in 1963. Barry and Barbara had two kids together during their time together. But in the year 1971, Barry and Barbara got separated, with Barbara’s death. Like the vow in their marriage, they were together till death did them apart.

Image of Barry Seal with his wife Deborah DuBois and with their kids

Barry Seal with his wife Deborah DuBois and with their kids

As for his second marriage, Barry was married to Lynn Ross. This marriage was very short-lived, and they divorced just a year after getting married. Barry and Lynn got married in the year 1971 and divorced in the year 1972. They do not have any kids together, but Barry does have a kid from a relation after his second marriage. But neither the kid nor the mother’s identity has been revealed anywhere.

Image of Barry Seal with his son Dean Seal

Barry Seal with his son Dean Seal

Barry got married for the third time with Deborah DuBois in the year 1973. Out of all of Barry’s marriages, he was with Deborah the longest. Deborah and Barry had three kids together, and they were together from 1973 to 1986. 1986, February 19, when Seal was murdered by a contract killer hired by Pablo Escobar is the date Barry and Deborah got separated.

Image of Barry Seal two sons watching him while performing a wheelie on a motorbike near

Barry Seal two sons watching him while performing a wheelie on a motorbike near home

None of Barry’s childrens identity has been revealed for security reasons.

Barry Seal Net Worth and Income

It has been a long time since Barry’s death, over three decades. At such a time, he was working for $1.3 million per flight transporting drugs, so his net worth is bound to be sky-high.

While we know what his income was from drug ferrying, we do not know about the money he received from the government to live as an informant. But it wouldn’t be of much significance as the money he made as a pilot for the cartel is very, very large. $1.3 million per flight, over three decades ago, is worth around $3 million in today’s date.

Barry Seal’s net worth at the time of his death was $60 million, which would amount to a staggering $140 million just through inflation. Had Barry been alive and invested his money, he would have definitely been one of the richest men on earth.

Barry Seal Fast Facts

  • Barry Seal was a certified pilot.
  • He got his student pilot certification at the age of16 and a private pilot certificate at the age of 17.
  • According to his flight instructor, Barry is a gifted Pilot.
  • Seal was the youngest member in the 707 command team of the TWA crew.
  • Barry’s career with TWA  ended following the allegation of explosive smuggling.
  • He has a degree in flight engineering.
  • Barry worked for the Medellin Cartel.
  • Seal got $1.3 million late 70s for a single flight of ferrying drugs.
  • Barry died by the hands of a contract killer sent by Pablo Escobar.

Barry Seal Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Children

Name Adler Berriman “Barry” Seal
Date of Birth July 16, 1939
Death Date February 19, 1986
Profession Pilot, Drug smuggler, Cartel member, Police informant
Relationship status Married
Spouse(s) Barbara Dodson (1963-1971)
Lynn Rose (1971-1972)
Deborah DuBois (1973-1986)
Children Six
Two with Barbara Dodson
One outside of his marriage
Three with Deborah DuBois
Net Worth $60 million
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian White
Zodiac sign Cancer

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