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August is the last born son of Charlotte and Otto Kilcher. Over time, August has made s couple of appearances in the television series, Alaska: The Last Frontier with her parents. In as much as August may not be as famous and popular as his parents Charlotte and Otto, he is still able to command a fair share of interest from the fans. August is still a student at Oregon State University. Well, he does electrical engineering. The young man has followed his father’s machinist path. The essay will explore the essential details about August Kilcher’s wiki-bio, education, college, family, and net worth.

August Kilcher Education, College Oregon, Early Life

August got his primary and high school education in Alaska. As a young boy, August developed an interest in singing and acting at a very early stage. He formed part of the team of students who performed the spring musical soap opera that was motivated by the comic show, ‘Pirates of Penzance.’ In May 2016, August graduated from high school. On his graduation day, August’s posted photos of the event on the social media.  They were so proud of him. From his school, August transferred to Oregon where he enrolled at the Oregon State University. He began his classes in early 2017, and he is still a student there.

The fact that he is still a student only means that August does not have so much career history to talk about. All which can be said at the moment is that August has made some appearances on the television series, Alaska: The Last Frontier.

August Kilcher Dating Girlfriend Or Married To Wife?

As a student who is still under the care of his parents, August is not yet married. As for having a girlfriend, August has never come out clearly on the issue. However, everything points out to the fact that he could be having a girlfriend. Throughout their days in high school, August and Megan Kriss were quite close.

Image of August Kilcher with his girlfriend Megan Kriss

August Kilcher with his girlfriend, Megan Kriss

They could spend most of their time together. The fact that Megan is also close to August’s parents could speak volumes of the situation at hand. The snap which was once shared by Charlotte Kilcher on the social media further suggests that the two youths could be very tight lovebirds.

August Kilcher Net Worth and Salary

August has a such a therapeutic voice. Well, this should never come out as a surprise since music is something that runs in the blood of the Kilchers. August’s talent in music became evident during one of the performances he participated in during his high school days. When talking about net worth, all that can be said is that his father owns huge tracts of land which he inherited from August’s grandparents. For now, it is not possible to calculate August’s net worth and salary. This is because he is yet to carve a career path for himself.

Image of The Last Frontier cast August Kilcher net worth is around $15,000

Alaska: The Last Frontier cast August Kilcher net worth is somewhere around $15,000

Wiki, Bio, Age, Family

August is the only child born between Charlotte and Otto Kilcher. He has a Swiss origin. August’s grandparents, Yule and Ruth originated from Switzerland to Alaska following the nasty events of the Second World War. They owned huge tracts of land in Alaska. August’s parents, later on, inherited the parcels of land after the grandparents’ death and put up a home in Homer, Alaska. August has three brothers, Torrey, Eivin and Levi Kilcher. Eivin and Levi are children from Otto’s previous marriage.

Image of The Last Frontier cast August Kilcher with his family

Alaska: The Last Frontier cast August Kilcher with his family

Born in 1997, August is now 21 years old.  Torrey is Charlotte’s son from the other marriage in California.

What Is August Kilcher Doing Now?

At the moment, August Kilcher is a student at the Oregon State University. There, he studies electrical engineering. When not at school, August helps the parents on the farm. He moderately posts on the social media.

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