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Growing up, ATZ Kilcher went through one of the most interesting childhood. His family had a home which was situated in a very remote part of the country. There were neither road connections nor electricity. With this desperate state of affairs, the family ended up having art and music as the only source of entertainment.

This could be the genesis of ATZ’s love for acting and stuff to do with art. As the father to Jewel, ATZ has an interesting story to tell. This article will work to shed more about ATZ Kilcher net worth, salary, wife, married, children, and wiki.

Atz Kilcher Married To Wives, And Children. Divorce With First Wife.

For now, Atz Kilcher is the husband to Bonnie Dupree. The two have been blessed with a son. However, before this marriage, Atz has previously been married to Lenedra J. Caroll. Lenedra is actually of Atz’s other three children; Lee Kilcher, Jewel, and Shane Kilcher. Besides the two marriages, Atz had an affair with a woman named Linda, and the two ended up having a child outside wedlock. By that time, Atz was still married to his first wife, Caroll. For now, Atz has all her energy and attention focused on Bonnie Dupree. Dupree is also one of the reality show cast rosters. It is said that the two saw each other for the first time in Alaska.

Image of ATZ Kilcher with his wife Bonnie Dupree.

ATZ Kilcher with his wife, Bonnie Dupree

Interestingly, the son that Atz has with Bonnie is not the only child that she has. Dupree already had two other children by the time she was getting married to Atz. Atz is, therefore, a stepfather of two; Hannah and Karl. The frequent occurrence of Atz’s children on the screen has made it very easy to know them.

Atz Kilcher Net Worth And Salary

From the latest estimates, Atz Kilcher has a net worth of $7 million. At the age of 70, Atz has successfully managed to reconcile his entire family wealth and consequently achieved the comfort and luxury that he needs. It is quite accurate to argue that Atz is the sole breadwinner of his family.

Image of ATZ Kilcher net worth is $7 million

ATZ Kilcher net worth is $7 million

Well, he is the head of the family. Most of the net worth is from the 613 acre of land which is an inheritance from the Kilcher family. The parcel of land is valued at $800k. Besides, the Kilchers also own another 217 acres of land worth the same amount. The decision to co-star the television series with the entire family was one of the best ideas Atz has ever come up with. Had Atz decided to do it all alone, we can safely bet that his net worth would not have been that much. From the television series, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Atz rakes an estimated annual salary of $350,000. From the available statistics, Atz is among the highest paid actors in the series.

How Old Is Atz Kilcher? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Atz Kilcher was born on the 2nd of September 1947. He is therefore currently 71 years old. Atz, therefore, celebrates his birthday on the 2nd of September every year.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Atz was born on the 2nd of September in 1947. He is both an American actor and a singer. Atz’s mother was a classical musician. Music runs in the blood of the Kilchers. Atz’s early childhood days are quite blurry. All can be said is that he grew up in a remote area where no road or electricity could reach. Atz, therefore, could not reach any form of entertainment. The best his family could offer was plenty of music and art.

What Is Atz Kilcher Doing Now?

For now, Atz Kilcher has dedicated his time and resources to Alaska: The Last Frontier. When not on the screens, Atz plays music and spends time with his family. He is a moderate user of the social media.

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