Everything about Anne Hathaway’s Husband, Adam Shulman

Adam is a resourceful businessman and a pretty successful actor. But his fame comes from somewhere else entirely, being the husband of Anne Hathaway. Adam and Anne seem to be very happy in their marriage as Adam is everything Anne wanted. He is Anne’s love at first sight.

Stick with us, and we will give you some more insight about Anne Hathaway’s husband, Adam Shulman’s wiki and net worth

Early Life and Introduction

Born on 2nd April 1981, Adam is currently thirty-eight years of age. He was born and raised in New York. Adam is the only child of Mark Shulman and Jacqueline Bank, so his real name is Adam Banks Shulman. There isn’t any information about his high school, but he graduated in Theatre major from Brown University in 2003.

Even before joining college, Adam was interested in theatre. He had joined the Apprentice Program at Williamstown Theatre Festival in 2001 summer. The same year he enrolled at Eugene O’Neill’s National Theatre Institute for the 2001 fall semester.

Adams’s interest in theatrics and acting is clear from his choice of education, and he went on to be a part of several other TV shows and films.

Adam Shulman Career

After his graduation from Brown University in 2003, Adam started his acting career with the series ‘American Dreams’ from 2005. Adam played the role of Paul O’Bannon in the TV series as a recurring character. After his work in ‘American Dream, he appeared in the TV show The West Wing.

Image of Actor, Adam Shulman

Actor, Adam Shulman

But Adam’s most famous work in his career as an actor is definitely his role in The Dukes of Hazzard: The Begining. He played the role of a Deputy Sherrif Enos Strate in the 2007 movie. In 2008 he met Anne and moved into producing films than acting in them.

By this time, Adam had also branched off to an entirely new business, jewelry design. He co-founded a jewelry design shop with his partner Heidi Nasher Fink, called James Banks Design. The jewelry design company is pretty successful, along with his career as a producer.

Shulman indulges in philanthropy as he donates money to charitable organizations that help different causes around the world.

How Adam Shulman Married Anne Hathaway?

Anne Hathaway is the crush of a lot of peoples and even more back when she first met Adam. Adam and Anne have been married for nearly seven years now, and there is no sign of any strain in their relationship. But how did it all start?

Anna and Adam met at a party through a mutual friend. Adam, much like many other peoples, had a crush on Anna but didn’t know if she was in relation or not. As for Anne, she had just been out of a bad relationship and wasn’t looking for anything, but it happened anyway.

Anne fell in love at first sight with Adam Shulman. Hathaway even whispered to a friend at the party that she was going to marry Shulman. But she didn’t know if Adam was single or not so she didn’t make a move. With neither of them making any moves, the first meeting ended.

Image of Adam Shulman with his wife Anne Hathaway

Adam Shulman with his wife, Anne Hathaway

But later, when Anne found out Adam is single, she took a risk and invited him on a date. They went to New Orleans for their first date, and we got a new Hollywood couple. But this couple was felt right like they were made for each other.

They started dating from October of 2008, and on November 28, 2011, they turned it into an engagement. Adam even designed the engagement ring, which he gave to Anne, a very romantic gesture. A year later, on 29 September 2012, Adam and Anne exchanged their marriage vows at Big Sur, California. They had a private ceremony with only 150 guests, close friends, and family only, the service was interfaith, Roman-catholic & Jewish.

This beautiful couple announced their first child in November 28, 2015, through Instagram on Anne Hathaway’s account, which has 16 million followers. Anne and Adam had their first child on March 24, the same year, a boy named Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman.

Currently, Anne and Adam are waiting on their second child, which Anne, announced on July 24 through Instagram once again. We wish her safe childbirth.

Adam Shulman Net Worth

Adam is a considerably successful actor and a successful entrepreneur. He is also a successful producer as his movies have done quite well in the box office. His most notable work of production would definitely be Song One, which starred Anne Hathaway, opposite Johnny Flynn. Other works involve The Shower, The Loft, etc.

Shulman’s jewelry shop makes custom jewelry and is quite expensive, but by no mean is it not worth the price. They are all hand made in Northern California by skilled craftsmen. Adam worked with his partner to create custom jewelry for the World of Children Award; they created unique pieces with the charity‚Äôs logo for the event. All of the proceedings from the sale of jewelry with charity’s logo went to the World of Children Award.

With his kind heart and active philanthropy, we can guess Adam has a substantial amount of net worth and substantial it is. Adam Shulman has a net worth of $1 million. Though he hasn’t been active as an actor, he has successfully established himself as a jewelry designer and producer.

While Adam’s net worth is smaller compared to his wife, Anne Hathaway’s net worth, a staggering $35 million at least and might be as much as $50 million, his net worth can be considered a small fortune in itself as well, which will probably increase more with time.

Adam Shulman Fast Fact

  • Anne confessed her feeling to Adam before Adam could.
  • Adam is an only child.
  • He started his career in the show ‘American Dreams’ in 2005.
  • Shulman is the co-founder of James Banks Design, a jewelry design shop.
  • Adam is a charitable person and has a kind and down to earth personality.
  • He has produced films with his wife, Anne Hathaway.

Adam Shulman Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Bio

Name Adam Shulman
Date of Birth 2 April 1981 (38y/o)
Parents Mark Shulman(Father), Jacqueline Banks(Mother)
Education Brown University – Major in Theatre arts
Profession Actor
Jewelry designer
Wife Anne Hathaway (m.2012 Spet 29)
Children One (At the moment)
Jonathan Rosebank Shulman
One on the way (Announced on July 24)
Net Worth $1 million
Height 1.77m (5ft 10 inches)
Zodiac Sign Aries (the Ram)

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