Is Andy Cohen Gay? Is he already Married? Who’s his Husband or Partner? Or Secretly Dating a Boyfriend?

Hey, are you ready for another article about gay, married, partner and husband, if then we’ll cover a guy who is a gay? You may be surprised to see about the show presenter Andy Cohen walking in the movement of gay activists and growing voice with them. Well, this act has surprised his fans and might have even left the oblivious about his relationship status and sexual nature. So dears, for now, we’re getting hold of this one of the most charming TV host and pulling out the mystery of him, either he is a gay or married a wife? Stay with us.

Is Bravo Andy Cohen dating a Boyfriend? Who’s his Partner/ Husband?

Handsome Andy Cohen with Rachel Lindsayin #bachelorette #loveconnection.

Handsome Andy Cohen with Rachel Lindsayin #bachelorette #loveconnection #WWHLinLA.

Source: instagram

However, the handsome television personality is really a gay, yes, it is a reality. And hence, the gossip of Andy dating a gay boyfriend Anderson has been swarming across the page six papers. Both of them have been accused of getting romantically connected with one another throughout their tour and trip to “AC2 Live: Deep Talk and Shallow Lies”. Nevertheless, the fine 48 years old age presenter, Andy denies the tales of romance unroll in the press and states Anderson to be his best friend. Andy also said about the blind date set up by his mates with Cooper two decades back and how the two have come to be BFF after that.

Well, in interviews with some web magazine he stated that they were set up by friends two more decades ago, and had a phone conversation. Nothing actually rose of it, but they came to be friends. Well, that time he was imagined his gesticulating a lot, within a few moments; he knew they had never date.

Handsome Andy with his partner/boyfriend Cooper in the tour of AC2:

Instagram Post of Andy Cohen and ANderson Cooper.

Instagram Post of Andy Cohen and ANderson Cooper heading the tour.

Source: instagram

So, he has cleared the ongoing romance rumor of him and Cooper, so the host is reported to be single as no official declarations have been made by him regarding dating any other guy or getting wed or about being a husband or about having a wife and children. Thus, this might be a sort of good story for his male followers who have been eyeing him for a long time.

Know about Andy Cohen Boyfriend and Dating History! Had a Girlfriend in the past?

Well, the TV personality has accepted about being a relationship with two and a half people. The guy also said about his three years long relationship which was far-reaching and had left him better after the split. Well, in 2016 there some magazine was published that, he and his Havard boyfriend Clifton Dassuncao just break up their relation.

The romantic connection came to a halt when the host alleged his ex-partner for using him for fame and name. He dumped his young partner when his young friend expressed his interested in attending an event with Andy and Sarah Jessica Parker. Be that as it may, some source represents the purpose behind separate is the desire to keep the relationship covered up, as the TV have has no craving of offering his fame to any second individual.

Andy Cohen with his college best friend.

Andy Cohen with his college best friend also allged girlfriend.

Source: Twitter

Andy Cohen’s Short Wiki & Bio:

As Andy Cohen, he was born on June 2, 1968, in St. Louis, Missouri. He moved on from Boston University with a degree in communicate news coverage. He has an expected net worth of $17 million dollars in 2017, though he has a compensation of $2 million annually. His initial occupation was as an assistant in the CBS News.

Later on, he turned into the senior producer for the CBS “Early Show.” In the year 2000, he cleared out CBS to end up VP for the programming channel Trio. In the year 2004, he joined Bravo. Andy is the blogger, program host, and author and TV executive. In the year 2012, he discharged his book” The Most Talkative: Stories from the bleeding edges of modern culture.” He additionally presents weekly show “Watch What Happens Live.”

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