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Andy is one of the main actors of the popular reality television show, Life Below Zero. In essence, the Life Below Zero reality television show is focused on the survival of six adults who are located in one of the remotest parts of America. The place has a population of not more than 1000 people.

During the winter, the struggle for survival even gets worse. The people there have to work hard to stay alive. Otherwise, they may end up dead without even them realizing it. Since its inception, the show has continued to have a very wide fan base. This can be attributed to its uniqueness and the ability to educate the audience. The article will look at the life of Andy Bassich. He is one of the cast members.

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Andy Bassich Married To Wife, Kate Rorke Bassich. Divorce?

Andy is married to his wife, Kate. A while ago, the couple used to run a survival school together. Apart from the school, Andy and Kate also had a dog mushing school. After being together for ten years, the couple abruptly opted to leave the show. Their decision came as a huge surprise to so many people.

Image of Andy Bassich with his wife Kate Rorke Bassich

Andy Bassich with his wife, Kate Rorke Bassich

Well, all along they seem to be happy together. Since there departure, it has always been difficult to properly explain why Andy and Kate decided to part ways. However, Kate finally owned up to the situation and shared with the public exactly what had been going on. According to Kate, she could no longer deal with the experience of domestic abuse she had in the marriage. She said that she was always doing all the house chores and attending to the needs of Andy.

It was therefore only safe and healthy that she called it a day. The marriage was blessed by one child. Kate was granted custody of the child. At the moment, the mother and the daughter live in Canada. From the words of Kate, there is no possibility of the couple getting back together; at least not anytime soon.

Andy Bassich Net Worth and Salary

During their marriage days, the couple made a good amount of money from the reality television series, Life Below Zero. According to the latest estimates, Andy Bassich has a net worth of about $250,000 and his salary is still in review. With dedication and hard work, the couple rightfully deserves all that they have. Perhaps, they could even be entitled to more. Andy earns about $ 100, 000 from the television series he participates in.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Andy Bassich net worth is $250,000

Life Below Zero cast Andy Bassich net worth is $250,000

How Old Is Andy Bassich? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born in 1959, Andy Bassich is currently 59 years old. Unfortunately, the exact day and month of Andy’s birth are not known.

Wikipedia, Bio

Andy Bassich was born in Washington D.C, United States of America. Andy spent his entire childhood in Washington D.C with the rest of his siblings. He attended and graduated for the John F. Kennedy High School. It is therefore very difficult to imagine how a person who was born in the city with all the luxury that it offers would accept to abandon all that and settle for a life in the wilderness. At some point, Andy was asked why he had opted to leave Washington and live in Alaska.

He simply said that he enjoyed living a life in the woods. Perhaps Andy’s motivation with the woods is the fact that they bring him very close to nature. Andy is a love of peace and serenity; something that he could never get in the busy and noisy streets of Washington D.C. Alaska offered a lot of space and quietness.

What Is Andy Bassich Doing Now?

For now, Andy Bassich spends his days wandering with his dogs in the wilderness of Alaska. He moves from one area of Alaska to the other in the search for adventure.

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