Anderson Cooper Net Worth & Salary. His House & Worth

Born into a wealthy family, Anderson Cooper has led a life in extravaganza as he inherits a vast amount of fortune from his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, an heiress, and a fashion icon.

Andreson Cooper is a famed American TV personality who is widely recognized for the CNN News show, Anderson Cooper 360. Read more on Cooper from the following article, which talks about his net worth, & salary.

Who is Anderson Cooper? Work Highlight

Anderson Cooper is an American broadcast journalist and TV personality. He is the youngest son of Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Emory Cooper. 

Cooper got his high school education from the Dalton School and obtained his BA degree with a major in Political Science in 1989 from Yale University. He worked as a reporter at ABC in the 1990s, and after several years of impressive work, Anderson was promoted to the co-anchor position in 1999.

Anderson was the host of the ABC show, The Mole for a couple of years before getting a job to work as an anchor and correspondent for CNN. He is currently the host of 60 Minutes and anchor for his show, Anderson Cooper 360 degree.

Anderson Cooper Net Worth; $100 Million (2019)

As of 2019, Anderson Cooper’s net worth is $100 million. Similarly, his annual salary coming to his CNN shows, such as On the other hand, his net worth also consists of the massive inheritance sum that he received from his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, upon her death on June 17, 2019.

Anderson Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt’s net worth is at $200 million. Likewise, there are several reports that his mother left the majority of her estate to Anderson Cooper. The inherited sum that Gloria gave to her son Anderson Cooper after her death is reported to be at $1.5 million.

Cooper is also one of the highest-earning CNN journalists, who make over $12 million in yearly salary from the news network as per yahoo finance.

His Cars & House

Anderson Cooper, as per tabloids, currently resides at Rye House in Connecticut. Cooper reportedly bought the beautiful house at whopping $1.95 million. However, some sources say that he’s got in between the price of $5 million to $9 Million.

Image of Anderson Cooper's Rye House in Connecticut

Anderson Cooper’s Rye House in Connecticut

The historic mansion was built in 1908 by the famous architect Wilson Eyre. The home also has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. It has servant quarters with an additional four bedrooms.

Another feature of the Rey House is it is also equipped with Olympic sized swimming room. Furthermore, it also boasts a greenhouse and tennis court. Previously, he was also the owner of two homes, Creekside Cottage in Quiogue, which is now priced at $2.599 million while his second property is his Country Style Cottage, situated in the Hamptons is market at $31.99 million.

Image of Anderson Cooper's vacation home in Brazil

Anderson Cooper’s vacation home in Brazil

Similarly, the anchorman for Anderson Cooper 360 degree Anderson Cooper has a vacation home in Trancoso, Brazil.

His home is named as Casa Anderson, the estate consists of four buildings. Inside the house, it has s living/dining room, a vintage Bahian cocktail table equipped pequi-wood stools and pieces from Das’s Uxua Casa home collection, which also includes the indigo-dyed t pillows, reed rug which are woven, and section themed sofa. Wilbert Das built the house.

Besides his house, Cooper also has large numbers of cars in his collection. Prominent among them is Aston Martin db5, which has a market price of around $4,698,600.

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