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Ami Brown is one of the stars of the infamous reality show called Alaskan Bush People. This show is aired by the renowned Discovery Channel. The storyline of this show is about a family that dwells in the Alaskan wilderness. Learn about Ami Brown health update 2018 and cancer details. Also, check out Ami Brown’s net worth and salary.

Alaskan Bush People Ami Brown Wiki bio

Ami Brown a star in the Alaskan Bush People was born in Texas, the USA on August 28, 1964. Ami Brown age is 53 years, and she is a mother of 5 children. Her husband is called Billy Brown, and they have remained together since 1979. Her children are also part of the National Geographic Channel’s reality show cast, where they play big roles.

Ami Brown health update. How is she doing now?

The recent Ami Brown health update news has it that she is going back to the hospital. However, this time, she is going back for a checkup. She will be in Los Angeles for a three months appointment, and all are anticipated to go well with her. The Vice President of Discovery Channel rebuffed people who were taunting her ailment by saying that she was just faking. She underwent radio and chemotherapy treatments for her lung cancer.

Image of Ami Brown health update

Ami Brown health update

In June 2016, she was diagnosed with third stage lung cancer. She was in the process of filming the Alaskan Bush People season six. However, cancer degenerated to stage four that worsened her case. Afterward, she shared that lachrymose news on social media and stated that she had as little as three percent survival chances. It reached a point when the battle between her and cancer became fiercest, and she lost a lot of weight. She weighed a hundred and twenty-eight pounds before, but after the battle, she weighed just 89 pounds.

The physician recommended that she had to undergo two rounds of chemotherapy. She underwent through them successfully in UCLA medical center. During the second chemotherapy, fortunately, the mess in her heart was cleared. Nevertheless, Ami Brown health update has not yet confirmed whether she is now cured.

Ami Brown husband Billy Brown, Married, Children

Ami Brown husband Billy Brown tied the knot with her in 1979 when she was a teenager of 15 years. Billy had made up his mind to get married when he met her, and Ami Brown married him at such a young age.

"Image of Ami Brown and her husband, Billy Brown

Ami Brown with her husband, Billy Brown


Ami Brown family comprises two parents and five children. They are all in the cast of the reality show.

Ami Brown Net Worth, Age, and Career

She is quite hardworking, and she has amassed some considerable wealth. Ami Brown net worth is about $500,000 which is attributed to her career. Her conservative lifestyle also helps her to save because she lives in the wild where the chances of spending are minimal. She and her family live a natural life like the stone age people – hunting, gathering and growing their food. That fact makes the show even more special and captivating.
In her acting career, her show is continuing to garner more and more viewership as days go by. This is also reflected in the earnings of the cast which continue to swell. On the other hand, her expenses are not increasing, and thus she can amass wealth. Her career and her reality show continue to get popular, and she continues to earn more and more.

"Image of Ami Brown net worth which is $500,000

Ami Brown net worth is $500,000

Ami Brown children are part of the cast, and they grow their careers altogether. In the reality show, Ami does gardening where she grows diverse vegetable crops, flowers, and herbs. Ami Brown husband Billy is also a published author who wrote The Lost Years and One Wave at a Time.

Ami Brown age is 53, and she has been married for 38 years without any hiccups. Her family once lived for nine consecutive months in the wilderness without any contact with the outside world. Shockingly, they even managed to get through the winter without relying on the modern heating technology or appliances. Amazingly, Ami Brown career just came flying her way even without her struggling and the whole Ami Brown family benefited.

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