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Actors and television personalities are some of the most interesting people out there. You are in luck, because Agnes Wilczynski, the focus of our review, is one such individual. In this article, we will deeply explore her life, introducing various aspects of it. Who is Agnes Wilczynski? To answer this, we will examine her age, net worth, and husband.

By exploring her relationships and married life, we will undoubtedly gain a better understanding of the star. We will also explore her relationship with Brett Raymer and define what it is. Agnes bio will make for a fascinating character study, so make sure you stick around until the very end.

Who is Agnes Wilczynski? Her Career Info

Agnes Wilczynski is a Polish- American television personality who is most popularly known for her starring role on Animal Planet’s Tanked. The show brings its audience into Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), the wild, high octane, family-owned business. The organization is one of the country’s most prominent aquariums builders.

Image of Wiki-bio of Agnes Wilczynski from TV show, Animal Planet’s Tanked

Agnes Wilczynski from the TV show, Animal Planet’s Tanked

Their work is renowned and recognized across America, and the world at large. The organization is run by two brothers-in-law, Brett Raymer, and Wayde King. The two are not just family and business partners, are also close friends. Their company has built a plethora of enormous, conceptual aquariums for high-profile customers and organizations.

Their aquariums are filled with the most unusual and remarkable creatures on the planet. Agnes works as a sales coordinator at the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Company in Nevada. She is fundamental in the day to day running off the shop, and as such, proven herself to be her team’s invaluable member.

Before she joined the crew at ATM, she used to be a professional hair designer. This was at the very start of her career, right after she had moved to America. The star was quite good at what she did, and so it was surprising when she decided to work as a sales representative at a local Ferrari shop. Her move proved to be a stroke of fate, as it was here that she would eventually meet Wayde King, co-owner of ATM. The rest, as they say, was history.

Agnes Wilczynski Net worth, Salary

Being a reality star is usually a Segway into a life of leisure and excitement. This is because people in television tend to be top earners with an enormous net worth. According to various sources, stars on tv tend to make an average salary of $ 10,000 for every episode they appear in. This figure can even rise higher depending on several varying factors: how many episodes are aired per season? What network is the show on? How popular is it? Animal Planet is a renowned channel, with millions of fans worldwide.

So we can only assume that the stars of shows on the channel must earn a relatively good salary for the work they do. That said, Agnes Wilczynski’s net worth is currently undisclosed and under review. This is because unlike the other co-stars on the show, she likes to maintain a relatively low profile. This could just be as a result of her being a private person who doesn’t like sharing critical details about her life.

Image of TV Personality, Agnes Wilczynski net worth is currently not available

TV Personality, Married life of Agnes Wilczynski whose net worth is currently not available

Another additional source of income is the job she already does for ATM. Let’s not forget that besides starring on the show, she is also the sales coordinator of the company, earning a salary and net worth in compensation for her work. Agnes also worked as a sales representative at a local Ferrari shop, and this helped her lay the foundation of her net worth.

Is Agnes Wilczynski Married? Who is Her Husband?

Agnes is a beautiful woman. As such, you would expect countless men to be lining her doorstep to date the European bombshell. As we alluded to before, Agnes is a relatively private individual who likes to keep certain parts of her closed off to the rest of the world. So we were not able to find out whether she is married or even dating anyone for that matter. She could have children; then again, she could not.

A search of her various social media platforms did not help unearth any past or present relationships. We didn’t see her with a possible secret partner who could have been her boyfriend or even husband. We also have to remember that she spent most of her earlier life in Poland, where she was a relative unknown, which meant that she went around completely under the radar. By the time she got famous, she had already probably had one or two relationships under the belt. Then again, maybe she has been single all this time.

All of this is speculation after all, and until the star comes out and sets the record straight, it’s all we have to go on. When she does finally make a boyfriend, we will be excited to write about it, but until then her dating life seems pretty vacant.

Agnes Wilczynski and Brett Raymer

Brett and Agnes, while co-workers and friends, only share a working relationship. Brett considers her to be a sister. The two have grown close as a result of working together for a long time. Rumors of a romantic or dating relationship are entirely unsubstantiated and have no footing. They just stemmed from the fact that the two appear close on the show, but as we have explained, they are just good friends and co-workers.

"Image of Agnes Wilczynski and 'Tanked' co-star Brett Raymer dating?

Agnes Wilczynski and ‘Tanked’ co-star Brett Raymer

Agnes Wilczynski Wiki Bio

Wilczynski was born on the 17th of May, 1977 in Poland, which makes the reality star 41 years old presently. There is scarce enough out there about her early life in Poland. All we were successful enough to find out was the fact that she grew up alongside two siblings: Arthur Wilczynski and Sheryl Wilczynski.

Agnes remains very close to the pair, and regularly makes visits back to Poland to see them and the rest of her family. What we can surmise is the fact that the star must have been backbreaking work, to begin with. This is evident as she migrated from Poland to America on her own in search of greener pastures. She would start off as a hair designer before eventually finding her niche as a sales representative and coordinator. This was at a local Ferrari shop and ATM respectively. Agnes has seen gone on to become a relatively popular reality star, starring on the show, Tanked. She has gradually become a fan favorite, and her star only continues to rise with each passing season.

Image of Agnes Wilczynski with his brother Arthur Wilczynski

Agnes Wilczynski with his brother Arthur Wilczynski

Agnes Wilczynski Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Married

Full name Agnes Wilczynski
Age 41 years old.
Date of Birth 17th May 1977.
Place of Birth Poland.
Profession Hair Designer, Sales Coordinator at ATM, Reality Television Star.
Net worth Under review
Husband Unknown
Kids Unknown
Nationality Polish-American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents Unknown

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