Krista Joiner Wiki: Everything to know about Xzibit’s wife

We all know and love rapper Xzibit. Xzibit has successfully hosted and taken the show Pimp My Ride to the heights. Being as big as Xzibit is people are bound to be interested in their personal affairs. So let’s get to Xzibit’s wife Krista Joiner who has also been subjected to a lot of scrutinies. Uncover details on Xzibit’s wife, her family, her nationality, her wiki and net worth below.

Let’s get to know Xzibit wife, Krista Joiner

Having her birthday on December 17, 1969, Krista Joiner is 48 years of age until this December. Much of Krista Joiner’s life is shrouded as she has not made her personal life public. So we know less of who she was and where she came from than where she is now.

Regardless of who she was before, today Krista is Xzibit’s, whose real name is Alvin Nathaniel Joiner wife today. She and Xzibit have been in a relationship for five years before the two decided to get hitched. Krista and Xzibit agreed to get married to each other in late November of 2014, in front of family and friends. They have been happily married ever since.

Krista Joiner

They held a massive reception after getting married, but unlike most couples, the newlywed couple did not spend their wedding night together. Krista’s new husband got arrested after their reception for drinking under the influence. Their wedding night became a night to remember for a very different reason than usual.

The Pimp, My Ride host, was pulled over by the cops just hours after saying “I do.” The arrest, however, did not bother Krista Joiner, she kept supporting her husband, which shows her love for Xzibit.

Besides being Xzibit’s wife, Krista is a mom to her’s and Xzibit’s son Gatlyn Joiner. Krista was pregnant with Xzibit’s baby before Gatlyn back in 2008, but the couple lost the baby Xavier Kingston Joiner who was born prematurely.

Rapper Xzibit and Krista Joiner


Today Krista Joiner is the CEO and the founder Blur Beauty Los Angeles. Krista is pretty active on Instagram updating all hers and Xzibit’s fans on their life on her Instagram account.

A little on Xzibit and his net worth

Xzibit was born Alvin Nathaniel Joiner; he is mostly known as a rapper and for being the former host of MTV’s show “Pimp My Ride.” “Restless,” “Man vs. Machine” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” are his successful endeavors into the hip-hop music arena. It is said people resonate with because his lyrics sings from the heart, rather than just being hip-hop songs.

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