Tia Maria Torres Husband, Children, Net Worth and Wiki Details.

Tia Maria Torres is an animal rescuer and TV personality.She had been rescuing since her childhood. Tia is a very kind-hearted woman. Tia Maria Torres not only adopts animals she also helps helpless people.

Tia Maria Torres Family includes her husband & children: Details on her net worth & wiki

Tia Maria Torres is born on June 11, 1960, in Southern California, United States. Tia Maria Torres had a tough childhood. Tia’s education has not mentioned anywhere not ever her primary school.

Tia Maria Torres grew with her stepmother to whom she considered only parents had no father figure. Tia Maria Torres biological mother died when she was very young. She had a stepbrother who died in a gang shooting.

Tia Maria Torres left home when she was 17 years old. She left home along with her pet including her horse. Now Tia Maria Torres has two daughters along with adopted twins. Tia Maria Torres is married to Aren Marcus Jackson who is jail convicted for violating his parole.

Tia Maria Torres with her Husband, Aren Marcus Jackson.

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Tia and Aren got married in 2006. Both of her children are not from Aren. Tia Maria Torres Net Worth is accumulated to be $300 thousand, but her salary is unknown. She believes in helping helpless not in earning.

Tia Maria Torres family life with husband Aren Marcus Jackson & children

Tia Maria Torres met during the 1980s while she was trying to track down the owner of a dog. Later, they got married and started rescuing lost and helpless animals together.

It was Aren’s idea to go big with respect to rescue animals. Aren and Tia together do not have any children. Despite they have two daughters from her ex and two twins, who were adopted.

Tia Maria Torres Net worth 2017 & Short Bio

Tia Maria Torres grew up in Southern California along with her stepmother. Living with a stepmother is not easy for a child, so she had a rough childhood.

Tia Maria Torres left home at the age of 17 along with her pets. Then she joined the army where served as a truck driver. When she was in the army, she met someone and had a child together. Taina is her first daughter.

Tia Maria Torres used to rescue wolfs. Later, she got a job in Los Angles as a counselor. After some time she teamed up with some people and started a group called “The Pitbull Support Group.”

Tia Maria Torres married to Aren Marcus Jackson in 2006. She was living in California. Later, she moved her foundation to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Tia is TV personality she runs a show named Pitbull and Parolees airing on the animal planet. During a shoot, she got injured her left got dislocated and had to take rest for 15 months.

During her injury time, her children helped managed and took responsibility. Because of her work and dedication towards her, she was listed one of the most important people in Los Angeles.

Tia Net Worth is accumulated to be $300 thousand beside there is no any information regarding her income and salary. She never had a salary but always believed in serving helpless.