Everything about Josh Brolin’s Wife, Kathryn Boyd

Kathryn Boyd is a popular model married to an even popular actor, Josh Brolin. Boyd is an educated, career-driven woman who is also an entrepreneur. She is also an actress and has been involved with the film industry since 2010.

We will provide you with all kinds of info about Kathryn Boyd, like his wiki, bio, and net worth. What is exactly like

Early Life and Introduction

Kathryn Boyd celebrates her birthday on October 12 being born the same day in 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia, she grew up in the same place. She graduated high school from Lovett High School and joined the University of Georgia. Boyd graduated with a BA degree in Magazine Journalism from there in 2009.

Kathryn also has a certificate in Photojournalism from Santa Reparta International School of Arts, Florence, Italy. After completing her education, she joined Bonanza Production in 2010 as an assistant to director and producer. Josh Brolin was the director of the show Past Life, and Boyd worked with him for the first time there.

Kathryn Boyd Career

After graduating, Boyd joined the film industry as an assistant. She worked for Bonanza Production for some time and then went on to work for TVM Production. She worked for movies like The Watch, Footloose, Old Boy, etc. while in TVM production.

In 2013, she left TVM Production as well and went to work in Josh Brolin’s Production company. She worked behind the scene as an assistant producer in movies like Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Dumb and Dumber II, Inherent Vice, Everest etc.

During her time as an assistant producer, Kathryn also started modeling. Boyd signed with LA models and began her modeling career. It would be an understatement to say that she is just a successful model, with her on front pages of top magazines like The Atlantan, Vogue, Who What Wear, etc.

Image of Model, Kathryn Boyd

Model, Kathryn Boyd

Furthermore, Kathryn is also an actress who has starred in movies like Ride to Vegas, Rideshare, Bad Company, Loveless in a Brown Room, etc. Most of those movies are short films and documentaries by Brolin’s production company.

Finally, in 2018, Boyd has delved into entrepreneurship as well, With the launch of her clothing line Midheaven Denim. Her brand is pretty famous even among the celebrities Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford, who seem to like the product very much. Midheaven Denim has also received an excellent review from the magazine Vogue.

Kathryn’s brand is famous for its versatility as she targets the women who are tall or curvy, following her own experience as a tall model. Midheaven is also an eco-friendly company as Boyd says,

“The factory is literally located in a national park, so they have a bunch of different guidelines that they have to follow in terms of waste management and all of their production tactics. They use cotton that is sourced from the Better Cotton Initiative.”

Kathryn Boyd, the Wife of Thanos

In case you do not know, Kathryn is married to the purple villain of Marvel universe, well not actually to Thanos himself but his actor. Yup, Kathryn is Josh Brolin’s wife and even has a daughter with him.

Josh and Kathryn met for the first time in the set of Past Life in 2010, but they weren’t dating till 2013. Kathryn and Josh started dating following Josh’s divorce with his wife, Diane Lane. People were quick to comment that Josh was cheating on Diane with Kathryn, but nothing came of it without any evidence.

Image of Kathryn Boyd with her husband Josh Brolin

Kathryn Boyd with her husband, Josh Brolin

In 2015 Josh proposed to Kathryn. The couple got officially engaged in the march of 2105. After nearly three years of courtship, Kathryn and Josh finally tied the knot on 24 September 2016. The couple announced their first baby in May 2018 through Instagram, and Josh has shared his wife’s journey through pregnancy on his social media.

Kathryn and Josh had their first child on November 4, 2018. They had a daughter and named her Westlyn Reign Brolin. While this is Josh’s third child, it’s his first child with Kathryn.

She is already a step-mom to Brolin’s two children from his first marriage with Alice Adair, Eden Brolin, and Trevor Brolin.


Kathryn Boyd Net Worth

Boyd is a talented woman and has made sure to make most of her talents. With her career in acting, modeling, and as assistant director/producer, we can expect her net worth to reflect them all.

Throughout her career as an actress and model along with her entrepreneurial venture into a clothing line, Kathryn has a net worth of $800k. Her husband, Josh Brolin, on the other hand, has a staggering net worth of $35 million.

With Katheryn’s own business and her husband’s massive net worth, we can expect her to live a life of luxury. Her net worth is a subject to change as she is planning to grow the brand to open retail stores and not just sell online.

Kathryn Boyd Fast Fact

  • Boyd has a graduate in photojournalism and magazine journalism.
  • She did a one-year intern study in Florence, Italy.
  • Kathryn pursued her modeling career after some time in the TV/film industry as a backstage member.
  • Kathryn Boyd isn’t Josh Brolin’s first wife, but Josh is Kathryn’s first husband.
  • She owns the clothing line Midheaven Denim.
  • Boyd is 20 years younger than her husband, Josh.

Kathryn Boyd Net Worth, Husband, Wiki, Bio

Name Kathryn Boyd
Date of Birth October 12, 1987
Education Lovett High School
University of Georgia
Santa Reparta international School of Arts
Profession Actress
Business owner
Spouse Josh Brolin (m. Sept 24, 1996)
Children One daughter
Westlyn Reign Brolin
Net Worth $800,000
Residence Santa Monica, California
Height 1.78m (5ft 10 inches)
Zodiac sign Libra

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