Gay Rumor! Is Josh Brener Secretly Dating a Girlfriend? Or Want to get Married to his Wife Soon?

The data rates of USA shows that the wedding rate is less than 7 per thousand populations. And the sole purpose of citing the reality is to ask, if successful Hollywood actor Josh Brener is thinking of fastening the league of the married men or not? Did this star meet his soul mate? Is the actor ready to get wedded and stay happily with his wife? To get your queries replied, just hang on the article because you are in the right place.

Josh Brener & star friends attend the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Josh Brener & star friends attend the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theatre.

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Is Josh Secretly Getting Married? Who’s his Wife?

Some magazine in the years of 2015 claimed that “The Silicon Valley” star Josh is eager to marry and came to be a married guy. Not only that, but some websites also cited his intentions of having kids with his spouse.
But his wish hasn’t fulfilled yet, as he remains single in the eye of the people. And it looks like that this actor hasn’t stumble upon his soul mate to date. And as the news of his girlfriend hasn’t surfaced over the press as well. Thus, his intention of staying a happy married life with a wife remains merely a wish to date.

Actors Josh Brener (R) and Meghan Falcone (L).

Actors Josh Brener (R) and Meghan Falcone (L) enjoying in the party.

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Nevertheless, it is possible Josh is in a strange relationship with his partner and needs to hide his dating affair far away from the public. Hopefully, he finds the love of his life shortly.

Is Josh Really a Gay? Or Just Rumor?

Gay affairs or gossips aren’t new to the famous stars, and the news comes to be stronger when a celebrity doesn’t have a love life to define the rumors. Yeah, it is quite similar with Josh as well, because he is still tight lips about his personal matters. But is Josh really a gay? Is this guy staying inside the closet without acknowledging his gay sexuality?

Well, he is till date to give any confirming statement about it, so it remains a speculation till he comes up with a confirming statement. So, last but not the least he is a married man and also hasn’t any dating a girlfriend, but ready to settle with a wife. Hopefully, he is neither a gay, but some wiki source claimed him as a gay, which isn’t true as well.

Short Bio of Josh Brener:

As Josh Brener, he was born on October 1, 1984, in Houston, Texas to his parents Daniel Brener and Sharon Brener. He attended Harvard University, from which the actor completed his graduation in the year of 2007. Well, he was the president of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals as well.

He is best known for the depiction of Nelson Big Head in the show Silicon Valley, Lyle Spaulding in The Internship, and in the role of Dale in The Big Bang Theory. With his diligent work and energy towards his specialty, he has gathered a net worth of $1.5 Million in 2017.

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