Doc Street Outlaws Net Worth, Car, Married, Wife, Daughter, Wiki, Real Name

Doc is a street racer who has been famed for driving the 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. He is so much in love with the car. Doc has nicknamed it the ‘Street Beast.’ We all agree that there is so much which can be said about Doc’s car. However, the situation may not be the same for his personal and career life. The details of Doc’s life such as his net worth, married status, age, early life, and family background form the gist of this article. Overall, Doc is a man whose life attracts so much interest and admiration.

Learn more about James Love “Doc” net worth and car. Details on Doc’s married life with wife, children, and wiki.

Doc Street Outlaws Net Worth and Salary Per Episode

The world of street racing could be quite unforgiving. Every racer is always working hard to make it to the top list. With so much adrenaline on the ground, the anxiety to make it engulfs the minds of the street racers. There may be so many reality television shows that display car races.

However, none of them is yet to reach the caliber of Street Outlaws. This particular show is on a class of its own. It is therefore only logical to conclude that the stars who take part in the Street Outlaws as cast members do get paid handsomely for it. Apart from their participation in the show, they equally make some decent amounts of money as street car racers.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Doc net worth is $550,000

Street Outlaws cast Doc net worth is $550,000

From the most recent estimates, Doc Street Outlaws average net worth is around $550,000. As for the amount of money he earns a salary at the end of every episode, the Street Outlaws is yet to make a communication regarding the same. All in all, it can be assumed that whatever he earns from his service at the show has made a very tangible contribution towards his overall net worth. The salary has to be obviously in thousands of dollars.

Street Outlaws Doc Married To Wife and Daughters

Doc is married to his high school girlfriend. The marriage took place in April of 1990. Since then, the couple has encountered all the good and bad with which a marriage comes. Doc’s wife is called Judy. Doc and Judy have been together for twenty-eight years now. Over the years, the marriage has been blessed with two daughters.

Image of Doc with his wife Judy

Doc from Street Outlaws is married to wife, Judy

Doc’s daughters are Ashtyn and Haley. From the look of things, Judy is content with the fact that she fell on Doc. The wife is always happy and appears to be so appreciative. It is therefore difficult to imagine that the two could be parting ways anytime soon. With all factors held constant, Doc and Judy will live and grow old by each other’s side.

How old is James Love “Doc”? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Born on the 19th of February 1969, Doc is currently 49 years old. He celebrates his birthday on the 19th of February every year. For now, Doc has not posted any photo of his birthday celebrations on the internet.

Wikipedia, Bio, Real Name

Street Outlaws Doc’s real name is James Love. He was born in Moore, Oklahoma. His childhood days were very terrible. He father was just a concrete construction worker. When interviewed at some point, James Love admitted that there is a point when his family almost starved to death. With only some beans and cornbread to take them through the winter, the experience almost took their lives away. When summer set in, James had trek for so many kilometers just to get clothes for the next school season.

Doc must have witnessed misery and suffering with his own bare eyes. In the 70’s he started developing interest on vehicles. His parents gave him their first car, the 77’ Monte Carlo, to take his younger siblings to school. With time, James Love enrolled at an institution where he studied diesel mechanics.

Doc Street Outlaws Car And New Engine. His Death Rumors

James Love is still alive and in perfect health. It was James Dean who passed on in a car accident. Doc’s Car at the moment is the Street Beast.

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