Who is David Dobrik’s wife, Lorraine Nash? Her Wiki, Bio, Son Jason Nash, Grandchildren, Married

Lorraine Nash is the mother of the favorite Youtuber Jason Nash. She reportedly heightens in the fame light after marrying her son’s fellow YouTube star, David Dobrik.

Well, this does sound funny and alluring as the actual age difference between these formerly married couples is hugely vast. No one imagined as this will be perpetuating in the coming days when Jason and David were best pals.

Now looking back to it, was this whole scenario was a prank on Jason Nash by David Dobrik? Or was this true between them? It’s a mystery, and we are here to find this out for you.

Buckle up your seats, as we take you into the life of Lorraine Nash’s life who currently appears to be in her 80’s. We will explore concerning details on her net worth, family, grandchildren, and married life. So stick with us!

Who is Lorraine Nash? Wiki, Bio

Lorraine Nash was born as Lorraine Charlotte Nash. She is recognized as an actress who is known for her contribution to the films such as “Review” in the year 2014 and “Jason Nash Is Married” also in the year 2014.

Moreover, she is well-known for being the mother of the popular YouTube personality, Jason Nash and for also marrying her son’s best friend and fellow YouTube star, David Dobrik.

As per some reliable sources, Lorraine Nash came to this world on the date of February 15, 1944. However, her birthplace and whereabouts is still not revealed and not known in public. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Highlighting Lorraine’s early life details, there is not much information to share. Moreover, she has yet to reveal additional details about her parents, origins, educational background, and many other essential credentials, to name a few.

Besides, there’s no info regarding her professional career background or this assumably has to do with the fact of Lorraine being a recently hyped in the media since the year of 2019.

Extra info on her wiki-bio will be updated soon, but as of now, there have been no full details about her wiki-bio on any new media portals all over the internet.

How Much is Lorraine Nash Net Worth?

With the fact that astounds to be real, Lorraine Nash former husband, David Dobrik has a staggering net worth of about $7 million. His son, Jason Nash stands at a net worth of more than $1 million.

Image of Lorraine Nash husband David Dobrik net worth is $7 million

Lorraine Nash husband David Dobrik net worth is $7 million

It appears as if the former lady of David and the mother of Jason, Lorraine is a wealthy woman. However, we don’t have an exact and accurate figure on her net worth details.

Till now, Lorraine’s net worth info seems to be unknown, and there is still no salary and working career details on any of the news or celebrity update sites.

Apart from that, Lorraine Nash appears to be living a beautiful and lavish lifestyle. As she is seldom seen in her son’s Jason Nash instagram posts flaunting and traveling beautiful destinations.

Lorraine Nash Married life as David Dobrik’s Wife

The whole segment escalated so quickly when Jason and David had an unsettling disagreement. Soon afterward, Jason got the news from fellow V Squadders that David flew off to Boston to propose his mother, Lorraine Nash.

Image of Lorraine Nash with her husband David Dobrik

Lorraine Nash with her husband David Dobrik

As soon, Jason traveled to Boston to his Mom’s house, David had already purposed her for the marriage, and that was eventually a yes! The duo moved to Las Vegas and set off their arrangements for getting married and headed instantly for their HoneyMoon to Hawaii.

The whole newly married life between David Dobrik and Lorraine Nash went viral as the couple allegedly lived together for a month. However, it was all a prank which was formulated by David upon Jason Nash.

Lorraine Nash soon became the most trending celebrity on the internet with her marriage with a 23-year-old YouTuber made a hilarious sensation all over the Internet.

Image of Lorraine Nash with her son Jason Nash.

Lorraine Nash with her son Jason Nash.

David later called this marriage off after Jason earned his somewhat lessons. David and Lorraine came to a sad agreement on separation as the duo divorced on the date of June 11, 2019, in Los Angeles.

Lorraine Nash Son Jason Nash

Jason Eric Nash aka Jason Nash is a popular American actor, writer, director, podcaster, comedian and Youtube celebrity. He is recognized for his channel on Vine.

Image of American actor, Jason Nash

American actor, Jason Nash

Who is Lorraine Nash’s Husband, David Dobrik?

Slovak-born David’s full name is David Julian Dobrik. He is a popular Youtuber and actor.

He is best recognized for being the leading member of the Vloggers groups called “The Vlog Squad.”¬† You may also recognize him as the voice of Axel in the animated movie, “The Angry Birds Movie 2.” Besides that he is also a judge on the judging panel of America’s Most Musical Family.

Image of Youtube Personality, David Julian Dobrik

Youtube Personality, David Julian Dobrik

Before marrying Lorraine Nash, David was friends with her son, Jason Nash which soon became the most viral prank ever on the Internet.

Lorraine Nash Grandchildren, Parents, fFamily

Lorraine Nash is often featured in her son Jason’s Instagram account, where he mentions she is around the age of late seventies.

She is a beautiful lady and has a family comprising of her son Jason and two grandchildren named by Wyatt Nash and Charlie Nash.

How old is Lorraine Nash? Measurements, Age, Birthday

Moving on to Lorraine’s body details, she stands tall at a proper height. When she was pictured with David Dobrik (height: 1.78m), she appeared slightly small assumingly 5-6 inches short.

Image of Lorraine Nash height is 5 feet 6 inches

Lorraine Nash height is 5 feet 6 inches

The color of Lorraine’s hair is white and has a beautiful pair of blue eyes.

As of now, Lorraine Nash is 75 years old. She celebrates her birthday every year on the date of February 15. That means her birthday is near, which is five months away.

Fun Facts

  1. As per her birth month, her zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  2. Lorraine and David spent their honeymoon in Hawaii.
  3. Her son, Jason has been acclaimed for his appearance on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in the year 2010.
  4. Lorraine is 75 years old and 52 years older than David Dobrik.
  5. Apart from being famous as David’s former wife, she is also an actress.

 Lorraine Nash Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Married

Full Name: Lorraine Charlotte Nash
Age: 75 years old
Birth Date: February 15, 1944
Horoscope:  Aquarius
Birth Place: not accessible
Ethnicity: Caucasian American
Profession: not known
Height / How tall : not available
Net Worth: not accessible
Spouse: Former Husband: David Dobrik (married 2019-2019)
Children: Jason Nash (two grandchildren: Wyatt Nash and Charlie Nash)
Social Media Presence: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

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