Life Below Zero Sue Aikens: Biography, Husband, Children, Facts.

Sue Aikens is a celebrity who hails from Alaska. She was born on July 1, 1963, in Mount Prospect, Illinois. At one point of her life, the 52-year-old lived on a tropical island that she doesn’t even remember its name. Sue spent her childhood years moving from one place to the other. Sue moved to Alaska when she was 12 years old when her mother decided to leave her father. At that time she was able to carry only a few pairs of socks, tiger doll and a monkey toy to Alaska.

Sue was then left by her mother all alone to fend for herself in the harsh conditions of Alaska. One of her most trying times was back in 2007 when was attacked by a bear leaving her with severe limb wounds.  However, she was able to overcome all the extreme conditions of Alaska and in 2013; she joined five other Alaskans in Life below zero. Life below zero is the most popular show in the National Geographic Story. It depicts her life together with 6 other participants who are paid very well to appear in the show. Each of the participants receives around 4500$ in a week.  Sue, of course, is the highest paid and she is believed to be worth a whopping 500,000 dollars.

Sue Aikens’s Husband, children, family

Little is known about Sue Aiken’s private life. However, she has 2 daughters who are both married and living in the United States. She also has grandchildren whom she is very proud of. Sue Aikens sees her children every few years because they are so far away and her grandkids get to visit her mostly in the summer season. She mostly communicates with them on social media like Facebook.

When she is in trouble, she has a code that she sends via Facebook and other platforms to notify her kids. In her life, Sue has dated three men. Two of them died while the third left her for a younger girl. She is now single and living a happy life at Kavik River Camp which is located a few miles from Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Short bio on Sue Aikens

Sue Aikens is 54 years old. Throughout her life, she has learned to cope with the extremely harsh conditions that she lives under in the wild. From the early age of 12, Sue Aikens has encountered so many challenges and hardships but she has always found a way to come out on top. Low food supplies, Bad Weather, and Fuel shortage are some of the challenges she has encountered. At one time in 2007, she was seriously wounded by a bear but still managed to kill it. She has been married three times.

She has two daughters who live in the United States with their families.  Besides Life below zero, Sue Aikens has also appeared in other TV shows; Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Flying Wild Alaska. Sarah Palin’s Alaska was the first show that she ever appeared. In her Second show, Flying Wild Alaska, she only appeared in two episodes. Sue Aikens has not shied away from the technology world.

Sue Aikens in "Sarah Palin’s Alaska" and "Flying Wild Alaska" show

Caption: Sue Aikens in “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and “Flying Wild Alaska” show

She admits to spending some of her time on Facebook. She says that technology makes it easier to converse with other people. When asked how she copes living alone in the wilderness, She answered that she is most happy when she is alone. Surprisingly as a child, she always wanted to become a lighthouse keeper so that she can live alone. Today, Sue Aikens runs a camp called Kavik River camp. She has been running the camp for over ten years now.


  • I’m binging Life Below Zero and Sue is my favorite. OK, I’m a 60-yr old independent cuss myself so there’s that !~! Sue’s tenacity and willingness to dive into anything impress the hell outta me. She reminds me of my husband and his dad: always willing to try…

  • Pete Smith

    I almost stopped watching this Netfilx series because of Sue Aiken’s use of the English language. Constant use of the F word, sometimes with “mother” in front of it is just not necessary. If she was Eddie Murphy, I could better understand.

    • Harry Knutenburg

      So, it’s ‘ok’ for Eddie Murphy to do it? Why?

  • Angela Williams

    Rock on Sue Aikens…your a goer and a tryer…and you never give up…love you on the program Life below zero…xxx

  • Karen Crilly

    Sue girl I love ya too death, I love that you love life on ur terms, ur words. F-this an F- that girl ur my hero. I’m always been downed for saying fuck you an go fuck ur mother, my reply is don’t piss me off. People don’t understand the real release you get by saying that Fuck word. If they took the time to look it up that would know it started back in the 1700’s as an abreviation for a shipping company. Do Rock on an Rock on Hard Miss Sue. Please don’t change for these people that are just beside themselves bcuz you say FUCK they don’t pay ur Bill’s I’m pretty sure you do. Please don’t hurt urself anymore people like me need to see a real person on TV so thank you Miss Sue. Oh the way you honor animals you take for ur food ur just so amazing,God Bless Love KK
    I watch Life Below Zero ur the woman

  • Edward Cintron

    Hey Sue,
    Currently watching some of your episodes, the ones where you’re grandson is visiting and your showing him some essential things. Your learning to ice fish, FUCK! You are kick-ass!!! Oh wait sorry, some people get offended by the word FUCK! Shit I said again. Bet if you or any other women said Fuck me, their response would be FUCK YEAH!
    Anyway, not writing for that. I just think you have BIGGER BALLS than most men and I don’t mean that in a disparaging way. I was in the USMC and don’t mind saying that I wouldn’t live/do half the shit you do. You are a turn on though!
    I really have the utmost respect for you and thanks for teaching your grandkids.